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Justin Broniszewski (therealjustin)

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I think I will pass on this set. I know certain things must be sacrificed to keep costs down, but at $250 US there isn't excuse for that rushed front end or the various areas where Lego chose to ignore the unique design of the L350F. Hopefully some talented builder can make instructions for a proper loader using these parts!

Justin Broniszewski (therealjustin)

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I am still shocked and saddened but when I see clips of these movies it instantly brings a smile to my face. Been a fan of Paul and the Fast and Furious movies since the beginning and will remain one forever more. Rest in peace Paul. 
For once can we finish something as intended?
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Justin Broniszewski (therealjustin)

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The V8 engine note was on an entirely different level. The new V6 power units just don't stir the soul. In person I'm sure the sound is better, but you can barely hear anything at all watching on television.
Intel must be doing this to make the SB-E chips and upcoming Haswell chips look better. Why else would they limit the performance of a chip?
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