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Helena McMurdo

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ON THE BLOG: Pimientos de Padrón. A lottery of the best kind.

Os pementos de Padrón, uns pican e outros non - Galician Saying Translation: Some are hot. Some are not.

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ON THE BLOG: Pear & Chocolate Almond Tart

I like dessert. I just do. In fact dinner doesn’t seem finished until I’ve had it. Even if it’s just a square of chocolate. Lately with all the fresh summer fruit that’s around, I’ve been keeping some individual tart shells in the freezer so that I can…

Hello everyone! I'm based in Vancouver, Canada and I'm a photographer and food blogger over on Please join me on my culinary and travel adventures.  I also try out new cookbooks and let you know the story of what it's like to cook from them as a guest writer and photographer on
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