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I'm everywhere you want to be

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The chart says to refer to the medical record.... ok- that's what I'm looking at!!!!

So I got a GPS program on my iPhone. If I hook it up to listen to my iPod in the car- the voice goes thru my car speakers- which is way cool. Ok +Jennifer Sherry happy now???

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Listening to Maroon 5 on Spotify. YAH!

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Just saw this on Fet- and fucking love it!!

Electronic cigarettes mean I can smoke at my desk and nobody knows it. I love that.

Wow it really sucks to find out on the day you are expecting to get paid that the payroll department is on vacation... This independent contracting thing has its drawbacks.

Watching Extreme Makeover Weightloss. I suspect this is going to be really sad to watch....

Wow- really sad episode of How I met your Mother.

just saw a preview for "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" yeah- that looks pretty scary...

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oh hell no... lets split California and just make another state. rolls eyes REALLY??
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