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Dad recommended the movie "Courageous" to me late last week. I stuck it in the mental queue. Then, as the four of us were leaving "Moneyball", the theatre had a table and display for "Courageous" which reminded me and caught the interest of us all. So we saw it today. FAN-TAS-TIC

Marilyn said she doesn't remember ever crying so much in a movie. It was a tear jerker, but did not leave us blue at the end.

-- R; <><

Dean Daniel Polsby, an American hero.

I wonder if there is a way to remove all games presence from G+. One of the dumbest things about FB is the perpetual games invasion. A social networking site should be about my friends, what they say, what I say, our profiles, photos, places. Gaming is a whole nutha thing.

-- R; <><

What I don't like about G+ is the weird interaction it has with GMail. Nice to see friends. Good to be alerted about their traffic. But the notifier in my mailbox is annoying. Mixed feelings. At least there is some amount of interoperability. But it's another of these proprietary schemes. What if I (shock!) wanted to use G+ but some other email tool??

What the world needs now is ... no, seriously. What the internet world needs (now) is a means of socializing without the social fiefdoms (FB, G+, Y!, T, even AOL and MSN). So you've got "stuff". And you've got MySpace. Dump your stuff up on MySpace and share it. What? Some of it just for close friends? Fine. But they don't have MySpace. Then introduce a NON-MySpace control.

Ah ... there's the problem. How to have access control apart from your chosen space provider (whether free or paid-for). How can you specify certain "friends" outside the definitions defined by MySpace or Facebook or ... whatever. THAT is what we need. And NOW. Oh, someone will invent it, to be sure. But they'll invent yet another proprietary scheme ... and it will be browser based (instead of protocol based). You laymen may not understand. All the world is not a web browser. There are other things besides FF, IE, and Chrome.


I really hate RACF.

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Plagiarizing Mark Post ...
The VM and Linux Workshop starts Thursday, July 28th
in Columbus, Ohio. See for details.

I'm going to be giving three sessions:

IPv6 for Linux and z/VM
(information superhighway 4th dimension)

Extreme File system Sharing ... Again

Bouts of InSANity and How to Recover
(SAN on z/VM and zLinux)

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