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Anyone have any good advice on cutting acrylic?

I need to make a stand and display for something new and will need to craft it out of .22 in acrylic.

The sheet I'm working from is 18x22x.22 in and I'll need to cut it into 6x6 squares that I'd like to look like it wasn't created by a complete noob. (image below)

So if anyone has experience, tips, tricks for making my life easier, please share.
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Wondering where I've been and what I've been doing?

Me too.

But I'll let you in on some news...

It works!
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Whereas normal conforms and finds solace in the status quo, weird seeks divergent paths and viewpoints.

Nobody normal ever changed the world.

I think I'll be weird.
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lemurs stapled paper ate melons
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Finally home.
Leg 3 of 3 completed.
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Travel update: Leg 2.5 of 3 complete.

The fine folks at +Green Ride​ shifted my pickup and brought me to their Fort Collins offices to wait in warmth instead of the rain.

Should be in Wyoming soon.
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Leg 2 of 3 now complete.

Magic 8 ball says the likelihood of getting home without issue is good.

Course this is where everything went pear shaped last time.
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Leg 1 of 3 complete on the way home.
Here's hoping for a less storied version this Summit.
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Awesome artist.
Awesome art.
Steam Crow returns to Disney's Wonderground Gallery November 14 & 15 and 28 & 29 with 2 official Disney pieces which are teased here:
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