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Richy Müller
Stand up, and get ready to dance.
Stand up, and get ready to dance.

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Hi David, if you need the german text for Xwing Wave 7, please send me the updated files for translation. 

Hi David. I am also playing Armada. So, as in your xwing APP, I would like to assist you with german translation in Armada Fleets Designer too.
As long we wait for new waves in xwing, I would be happy to get busy on more star wars. ;-)

Hi, do you have a german translater for your app? I see many mistakes and would like to help. I am also helping on the german translation of the "yet another xwing builder" on the net.

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Im Marburger Laden "Game it Spielwaren" fand unser X-Wing Epic Spiel statt. 4 Stunden sind einfach zu wenig ;-)
X-Wing Epic Januar 2015
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LasMex B3 Bluetooth Speaker
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Das nenne ich Service von meinem lokalen Internet Anbieter. WLAN im ganzem Dorf! +1 für MM-DSL

Immer um 4 ist der Eismann hier. Primaa

Auf dem Spielplatz und warten auf den Eismann. Jemand ihn gesehen in Ettingshausen?

Weiss jemand, wo in Gießen man für die Xbox Case Modding Sachen bekommt?
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