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Rest in peace Jack. You did us proud. :')

Things I would like to talk about (not all at the same time):

From cognitive-dissonance to revelation
Learning theory
Knowledge as assumptions and models
Human error and fallibility
Happiness examined: gratitude/pleasure/contentment/meaning

I'd love to initiate dialogues on any of these topics. :)

If someone isn't excited about Google+, would you say they are "nonplussed"?

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Google+ in the iPhone App Store. Thanks +Chloe Unrau for helping me find it. :)

I want to be a better person. I think we all do. But before I can be a better person, I need to decide what "a better person" means to me. I need to stop and ask myself what do I want to be better at? What qualities do I define as being worthwhile to invest my time in making better?

We're all working to better ourselves and there are innumerable ways to do so. We can be better artists, better thinkers, better lovers, better fighters. We can be better at eating, showing love, giving to others, gaining from others. We can earn a better salary, live in a better house, be more respectful to those around us.

But often the ways in which we are choosing to better ourselves are in conflict. Right now I want to be better at painting, I want to be better read, and I want to be better at socializing. All of these things take time, but I often have difficulty picking which one to work on improving at the moment. The net result then is that I spin in a circle being unable to decide which to work on and instead work on none of them.

If we don't prioritize how we are improving ourselves, we thrash around trying to make little improvements in many directions at once. Some of them will even negate other improvements we made. I could improve my socializing by making a new friend and then throw it away by ignoring them repeatedly to do something else. So we need to prioritize, to organize how we are improving ourselves.

What your priorities are will change between people and between different points in your life. But having these priorities will turn chaos into direction and meaning. That is the meaning of (your) life.
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