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Norman Sheffield
Director at C1 Truck Driver Training in Fort Worth, TX: CDL Training in Texas | Trucking Careers
Director at C1 Truck Driver Training in Fort Worth, TX: CDL Training in Texas | Trucking Careers


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It's important to keep your home and family life in order when you're on the road for weeks at a time. In this post, I describe just how truck drivers can do this. Read it here:

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What do you think is the difference between a truck driver and a professional truck driver? Our Little Rock director discusses her thoughts in this C1 blog post.

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With Thanksgiving in just a couple days, it's time to reflect on what we're thankful for this year. I, along with the 3 other C1 directors, discuss what we're most grateful for in this week's blog.

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You may have heard in the news lately that truck driving jobs are still in high demand. That makes now a great time to apply for C1! Here are 6 reasons to start a trucking job today:

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So you're about to start your first truck driving job. There are certain items that will make your time on the road easier. Find a list of those here:

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Performing a pre-trip inspection EVERY DAY is crucial for your safety as a professional truck driver. Learn more about this important part of truck driver training at the C1 blog here:

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A common question we get from potential students? "Do I need experience driving a manual transmission for truck driving school?"

Absolutely not! Never in the 11 years we've been in business has anyone ever failed to adapt to a manual transmission. Learn more here:

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Here's a post I wrote a while ago on why truck driving is a great career choice for unemployed job seekers! Check it out at the C1 blog here:

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One of my favorite quotes from a C1 Fort Worth review...

"C‎1 ‎Truck Driver Training has been life changing‎. ‎My expectations were exceeded‎. ‎I am confident that this ‎program works and the staff and program are structured for success‎. ‎I would highly recommend this ‎school to my friends and family‎. ‎Kindest Regards‎!!"

These are the kind of responses from past students that make it all worth it!

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We opened our doors at the C1 Fort Worth campus exactly 11 years ago today. In this new blog post, I reflect on the past 11 years and share some of my favorite reviews from Fort Worth grads.

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