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The First Rule of Feminism:
To seek equality for all. Inherent in this is an individuals right to autonomy, both of the body and of the mind, and expressions of and opportunity to such. Criticisms : devils advocate, common form of posed debate qs to antagonise friction and lend to arg...

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Can't Sleep #1
I've been thinking about the publishing market a lot lately, for obv
reasons. I'm disturbed. I'm worried books are going the capitalist way. Big
trends, blockbusters, digital saturation. Dwindling midlists, less
risks taken, a saturation in ebooks, with ...

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Not done yet
Last nights post was all fury and demand. Still awaiting the truth. Still awaiting much. I feel the need, given the circumstances, given that fury, to reiterate that it is love that is the motivation. The need for improvement, not just for my son and myself...

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cough cough
I cannot even begin to describe how ery fucking much I have had enough of this bullshit drama I have found myself in, berift of all that matters; namely love, care, compassion. My son, still. People often spout platitudes at this time of year, all that hope...

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Only Feminine #?
its the loss and the lonely time, no holly wine quenchedparchedtongueholy tasting past love spent in regretting a world gone awry, all unjusified axis axeing ropes of fragile hopes Yet all our hearts still beat (but for those that don't) born of relatively ...

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Made Glass
Softly gently dust is blown from these hidden gems, these hard worn gleams of dreams, memories. When fear crowds close. When grief keens. Edges of reality in blurred sharpness. Moments caught in grass, in conversation, in books, in the sky setting like bloo...

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Reality, Part II: Processed
I questioned, of course, tried to refuse. Tried to explain that I was indeed sane whilst sweating in an old jumper and trying to control the panic and disbelief that this was happening. I tried rationality, calling my mother and offering to stay with her an...

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Reality, Part I: How the End Came to Be
Alrite there wanderers, I don't know if I've mentioned it but my head got a bit smashed with a car door July 2014. It fucked me up a bit. January 2015 my abusive ex applied to court for further access to our son as I had restricted visits to his mother's ho...
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