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Revelation 13
So, Revelation 13 seems to be one of the most highly quoted chapters. 'The Mark of the Beast' chapter. I'm paraphrasing here. The beast was given great authority by 'the dragon' Satan. It had 10 horns, 7 heads , 10 crowns on it's horns, and each head had a ...

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Revelations 12
Chapter 12 simply talks about the Devil falling to earth after separating some angels from God's love. It talks about the devil as 7-headed dragon that was trying to destroy the baby of a pregnant woman, which we know is Jesus. It says that the Arch Angel M...

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Revelation 11
In chapter 11, John was told to measure the temple of God and the alter -but not the outer court which belonged to the Gentiles -the Gentiles would trample the Holy city for  42 months.  Then there was a promise of what's to come. "And I will appoint my two...

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Chapter 10 An angel robed in a cloud with a rainbow above his head, face like the sun and legs fiery -one in the sea and one on land, gave a loud shout as though seven thunders spoke to John, some undisclosed secret.  The angel reached his right hand to hea...

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Revelation 9
Here is my summary of Revelation 9...a lot is quoted, but I only took as much as was necessary to understand the chapter. The fifth angel sounded the trumpet and a star was given a key to open an abyss and locusts came out looking like horses with crowns wi...

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Revelation 8
This chapter is a continuation of John's vision. At this point, all but the seventh seal was opened. Once it was opened, there was a great silence in the heavens in his vision. Then there were seven angels with seven trumpets standing before God. Then anoth...

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Revelation 7 The promise of salvation
Some may find this chapter of Revelations a little scary -and I admit it can be. It is that degree of uncertainty that Jesus will recognize us as his servant and not as a common sinner that will perish when this prophesy comes to fruition.  I cannot go into...

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Revelation 6
Have you ever heard about the four horsemen of the apocalypse? Well, this chapter, chapter 6 is where you'll hear more about them. Recap, John is having a vision while in the spirit and he sees a lamb that represents Jesus accepting a scroll with seven seal...

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Revelation 5
In chapter 5 we continue with John's vision. At this point he sees to the right of the on on the main throne a scroll with seven seals. When an angel asked who is worthy to open the scroll John started to weap because he thought that no one could but, "Then...

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Revelation 4
Here is my summary of Chapter 4, John's vision continues.  While in the Spirit, he sees a door open in heaven, with a voice saying what he will see -is to come. In the vision there was one main throne shining like gems, and twenty-four other thrones holding...
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