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Joan Estacio
I'm Joan,twenty-something year old wife, married to the most patient man I have ever known and at 26 I got four kids already. I got 4, 3, 3 and 1.
I'm Joan,twenty-something year old wife, married to the most patient man I have ever known and at 26 I got four kids already. I got 4, 3, 3 and 1.

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Happy 7th Birthday Twins! (Nov.15, 2015)
Just like Clian, the twins are not party kiddos too. So we decided to book 3 days and 2 nights at Sinagtala Resort. Sharing some pictures taken at the place. The birthday boys It was a very enjoyable day and everybody had a blast! Happy Birthday my twins an...

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Happy Birthday 8th to my little grown up baby
I guess that I can hold you one more time before you grow. And tell you that I love you so that you will always know. Please let me tie your shoe again. One day you'll tie your own. And when you think back to this time I hope it's love I've shown. Can I hel...

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Calling all Freelancers! Here's a Work From Home Opportunity! 

A friend's client  is launching his website soon and is currently looking for  more coaches to sign up on his website as online teachers or instructors. 

To apply, you must meet the following qualifications:

1. Be an expert in a particular skill or ability.  This does not necessarily mean academic degrees, but at minimum a lot of experience and passion.

2. Be willing to coach inexpensively.  

3. Write and speak English very well.

You do not need to be a professional one - for example: anyone who is an experienced guitar player can  sign up even if they  do not call themselves as a coach or  a teacher.

They are looking for coaches for the following Categories: 

Academic (Math, Physics, English , SAT Preparation, etc.)
Art (Drawing Lessons, CAD)
Children and Families (Parenting Advice , Pregnancy Advice)
Computers and Technical (SEO , Wordpress , Web Development , Programming, etc.)
Dating (Experts on Dating sites)
Health and Nutrition (Weight Loss)
Hobbies (Knitting , Baking , Cooking)
Languages (Spanish, Frech, etc)
Learn an Instrument (Guitar, Piano, etc.)
Life Coaching
Writing (Essay, Blogging)

Earn up for  $8 per 40-minute session! 

Please sign up here:

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Clian's 7th Birthday (late post - September 17, 2014)
Clian does not like parties. So, I was not surprised to hear his wish for his birthday. Just a day or 2 at the beach plus some animal peeking in the Zoo. And ofcourse, a birthday celebration at the Zoo is equivalent to an animal themed cake made by @SweetTo...

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Cade and Cale's Moving Up Ceremony 2015
Congratulations to my Twindorable!!! Indeed , you are Rainbow of Smart and Creative Ideas. Cade: Rainbow of Creative Ideas - for having outstanding imaginative ideas during dramatic plays. Cale: Rainbow of Smart Ideas - for being able to express outstanding...

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Mom, sorry! I did not get the Gold.
The moment Clian stepped out of the car, he run to me and hugged me and said "Mom, sorry, I did not get the gold (while sobbing in between).  I hugged him back and told him "it doesn't matter cause I knew you've learned alot". Grade school was so new to you...

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Cade and Cale's Recognition and Clian's Moving Up Day!
Congratulations babies! Those are pretty awesome awards you really deserve!  *Rainbow of Smart Ideas Award was given to Cade for being able to express his Outstanding and Practical Ideas. *Little Einstein Award for Cale for always being Curious and Ready to...

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Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Super Mario Brothers - DIY Kids' Halloween Costumes
My own version of PeterPan, CaptainHook, Mario and Luigi (Super Mario Brothers). These are my latest DIY projects (second season for Halloween Costumes). What's not to love about being frugal and crafty using DIY ideas and unique styling? MomlovesGlam! Sure...

Thanks for inviting me! It's a pleasure to know all of you!! Looking forward for more blogging years!

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