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I received a warning from Google that the page I manage ( violates Google's content guidelines. The page is where my blog shares posts to people who've added us to their circle (we never add people to the blog's circle unless they add us first and we know them). We are not spamming or violating other guidelines. I appealed and asked for an explanation so that I could fix the problem. I got this message:

Dear Google+ user,
Thank you for your message.
We have reviewed your appeal and found that your content was in violation of the User Content and Conduct Policy. Your access to Google+ has been limited for two weeks.
If you continue to violate our policies, your access to Google+ and Google’s other social services, such as Hangouts, may be suspended permanently. Learn more.
We understand that these policies may not be for everyone. If you choose to leave, you can make a copy of your data first. If you like, you can also disable Google+ entirely.
The Google+ Support Team

The problem is that even after reading all the guidelines, I have no idea what we've done wrong or how to fix it. Any ideas?

Thank you.

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