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New section: Deadpool/Apocalypse Fixes
Hello Mutants, First of all, I revised all 3 timelines and fixed some dates and mistakes here and there. So please, check them again. For instance, I articualted the concept of the Zero Event better, as well as revising some birthdays. Then, I issued a new ...

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Join "FORUM X" - the New X-Men Movie Fan Forum.
Hi, Mutants...   If you wanna talk about the X-Men Movie Franchise, I created this forum to gather all former IMDB users genuinely interested into the X-Men cinematic saga. The IMDB message boards will shut down within days.   This is it:   FORUM X http://x...

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WE have a NEW EVIL DEAD forum!
Hell yes... Dark Ones.   Stop travelling back in time and hanging around Elk Grove in 1982 ( Mainstream 1982 ? Alternate 1982 ? We must wait for SEASON 3 in order to know if the timeline has changed or not).   Since the IMDB boards are closing, plagued and ...

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Ash vs Evil Dead Episode 20: "Second Coming" - SPOILERS
  SUPERB. Just like: Episode 8, 9, 10 and 19 . This is EVIL DEAD, guys. This is the spirit. Groovy! I loved every bit of this episode. Every second. Terrific direction. Terrific visuals. Ash looked and sounded very serious, he reminded me of "the" Ash of EV...

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NEW continuity scenario for the franchise: THE EVIL DEAD PLASTIC UNIVERSE
Hey Deadites,   I'll swollow your continuity.   New continuity scenario for the EVIL DEAD FRANCHISE (movie trilogy + TV series):   1 single universe. 1 single timeline... less or more . 1 single Ash. 1 single cabin. 1 single story. No more incongruences.   ...

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AvED section deleted - new sections to come
Yessssss, Bat-Winged Folks! I made up my mind, totally. The TV series doesn't match with the movies very well, and I don't wanna complicate my life too much (LMAO).   I'm working on a standalone section for the AvED Universe .   On the other hand, I'm worki...

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Here we go: "Dear Bryan, It all started with you BUB! 1999-2016! From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Love, Hugh Jackman" WOLVERINE: WEAPON X will be released on March 2017.     In the while, don't forget to check ...

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   After the massive box-office triumph of "Batman v. Superman" , this is the last blow to the trolls, the haters and the delusional bashers:       SUPERMAN has a long life ahead of him! T.C

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Added the TIMELINE SIGMA section!
Just in case you were wondering... The section is incomplete just because I must insert the upcoming movies and events: Wolverine 3/Weapon X Gambit New Mutants New X-Men TV series Deadpool 2 X-Men 7 So it's truly a work in progress. You can find the section...

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X-Men 7... and more Mutant movies.
Kinberg has finally spoken.   The worldwide success of Deadpool and X-Men: Apocalypse just gave the X-Men franchise the right boost. It's skyrocketing...   We're getting X-Men 7...
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