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Carol Johnson
Old enough and wise enough to survive so far.
Old enough and wise enough to survive so far.

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Springtime in Washington

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Thank you Rep Heck - I'm proud to call you my congressman.

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Administration is in disarray
At some points words fail, or they are starting to fail me.
We have an Administration in freefall. Have we passed through the circle of
chaos? Are we at the circle of havoc? The real Donald Trump has stood up, once again. Let no one
ever be fooled. Let ther...

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CNN Town Hall on Tuesday By Brent Budowsky
Give CNN credit for
the best political television idea in many months: The debate next Tuesday
night between Sen.  Bernie Sanders  (I-Vt.) and Sen.  Ted Cruz  (R-Texas)
over ObamaCare and the future of healthcare. As every reader knows,
including honest Rep...

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Happy Halloween!
Wishing you all lots of TREATS and no TRICKS.

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National Pumpkin Day
Even the Pumpkin gets a day! What a wonderful country we live in. It would be a great day to enjoy a slice of pumpkin pie or a pumpkin spice latte or even roasted pumpkin seeds. If you haven't already done so, carving your Jack-O-Lantern would be a way to c...

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Heading into much cooler days here in the northwest...... I'm ready for soups and stews and hot chocolate, warm sweaters and sweatshirts and the holidays.  Well, I'm not really  ready for the holidays but I am happy to see them on the horizon.  It's been a ...

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Halloween is coming...
much more quickly than I had imagined. I have made a few new cards for this fun filled day and even got to crafting a new bottle for my apothecary shelf.  We have all our indoor Halloween decorations up. Our Jacob just loves them and has added the words "Ha...

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In every gardener there is a child who believes in the Seed Fairy. Robert Brault
I learned that over the past gardening season and I'm so hooked on sowing and reaping and preserving the fruits of gardening's labors. My harvesting is coming to an end as the days keep getting cooler but I'm enjoying every minute of it that I can. Over the...

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Feelin' Fall
Just a beautiful autumn day here in the Pacific Northwest; sunny, cool, crisp - glorius! I think I am truly feeling fall. It was a bit chilly this morning, only 36 degrees at eight o'clock. No frost yet, but the chill spurred me into doing more harvesting f...
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