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I just wanted to voice my disappointment on how both Sony and Google handled the Google TV platform.  I have a 46 inch Sony Internet Google TV that has been abandoned in terms of OS updates, has very bad lag when playing games or anything else that is connected via HDMI, is very slow to load anything , has a very outdated Chrome browser that is painfully slow, and produces "Force close" errors daily.  I bought this TV for $1000 and now I can't even sell it in good faith.  I trusted Google and Sony with my hard earned money thinking that I would get the best.  However this has not been the case.  Now Android TV is out and has Hulu Plus? I've had my TV for years and still don't have that app.  Please help!
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I know this isn't an "ideal" solution - but you could buy an android TV Nexus Player box for $99 and connect it to your Sony GTV. Somebody reported they were able to sideload Chrome browser on Nexus Player. I don't own a Nexus Player so I can't confirm how well the sideloaded Chrome browser actually works. See the following thread for some information about the Chrome browser sideloaded on Nexus Player:
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