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+Jay Kyburz 

Things I think NP2 should have or consider:

1) Alongside the wins/ranking/renown scores, a 'how many games played' score otherwise the rest of the stats are pretty meaningless (i.e. someone who has 1 win and 64 rank could be the world's best NP2 player having played a single 64 player game and won it, or the world's worst, having played a multitude of games and only ever having won one...)

2)  A 'this planet is DEFENDED!' option - uncaptured planets have native populations that you must overcome before taking them over, and vaguely in proportion to the value of the planet (e.g. a resource 20 planet might have 10 native ships defending it, a resource 7 planet might have only 3)

3) Team victory option

4)  Other team play options - e.g. capture the flag, king of the hill, etc etc…  …once you introduce teamplay the options are quite varied

5)  Carrier scanners - been mentioned before, but it would be particularly cool in dark galaxy

6)  Maybe a risk type combat system - or option- i.e. rather than it being a pure mathematical certainty about whether you win or lose, a slightly more random chance of fight outcome - e.g. rather than damaging 11 with weapons 11 you damage somewhere between 1 and 11, or some other calculation (maybe 1+1/2x+somewhere between 0 and 1/2x where x is weapons level), if that makes sense.  I haven't worded this one well.  The point is to add an element of risk to attacking whereby the outcome is more probable than absolutely certain.

7)  Barbarian option - there are some existing aggressive AI chaps that really don't like anyone else being there and will attack anyone close by but aren't overly concerned about building their own empire (look!  All my ideas are from other games - this one is Civilization!  Thanks Sid!)

Ok, I've drunk far too much, it's far too late (in my timezone), it's time to go to bed.

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Suggestion:  Hi Jay, suggestion for this G+ community - perhaps add a section for people to advertise games they are looking for players for?

On that note...   ...myself and three friends desire a 4 vs 4 team game and need 4 players to compete against us...   ...anyone interested?

My friend is reporting that she is unable to buy new carriers - it takes the money, but doesn't give a carrier.  The money returned at the next tick, but she tried again and the same - took money, didn't give carrier.  I haven't been able to test it for myself yet.

Anyone else finding that portals are not giving up their keys very frequently over the last week?
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