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releaf, re-leaf, releaf llc, re-leaf llc, #bentuangie #malay #vietnam #horn #tossnwash #tossandwash #indo #thai
releaf, re-leaf, releaf llc, re-leaf llc, #bentuangie #malay #vietnam #horn #tossnwash #tossandwash #indo #thai

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My name is Joe, and I am an advocate to freeing the plant Mitragyna Speciosa. This is a reading of one of my blogs, you can find the link to to the website below.

We need to support the AKA and wee need to do it now! Donate to them, find the link below. They are the only reason I get to own my business with out the DEA crashing through the doors of my house and arresting me. I am very grateful and to show me appreciation I am doing this. Please share this video. If you watch the whole video, I think I deserve a share. And, the AKA damn sure benefits from this video being shared. We are all back scratchers around here.

I am so overwhelmed by the amount of people who refuse to give 100% of credit to the AKA for keeping this plant legal. I try to stay in direct communication with them and hope this video will go viral and make them a pretty penny in donations! PLEASE DONATE AT THIS LINK:

I DON'T RECOMMEND CONSUMPTION - THIS IS JUST NEWS RELATED TO MY COMPANIES PRODUCT. I must stay on top of everything legal/illegal as a business owner.

Check us out. We are probably one of the fastest growing kratom companies in the nation.

After you donated come buy one of our 400+ strain profiles! And give us a shout out on social media! Here sre some links:
twitter handle is @releafinfo
instagram handle is @krat0m
Facebook page is @welovehelpingpeople

And our brand new Facebook group that actually lets you earn kratom by completing tasks is here:

Check us out and comment nice things. My video is crappy, but its about the content not the looks :D


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Re-leaf LLC has tried some great kratom from Hesti Kurniawati. If you have a chance to get some of her great Sunda, I advise you to get it. She is a very nice lady with some great people skills, oh did I mention some great Red, Green, White, and Yellow Sunda! Maeng Da was good to but thats sssssuuuunnnndddaaaa!! Check below for my retail store link and her wholesale link.
Joe Sokol's Re-leaf LLC

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Retail Kratom found at
Twitter @releafinfo
Facebook: @welovehelpingpeople
Instagram: krat0m
For WHOLESALE KRATOM Follow below links!
Kratom Crumbs
Kratom Supplier. Solid Organics Powder direct from 4 different forest Indonesia. Wholesale price. Shipping Fast

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"Kratom Cowboys", article written by Re-Leaf LLC! Leave a comment at the bottom of the article to get your name entered into our Kratom give away drawing!

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"Kratom Cowboys" article written by Re-leaf LLC. You can find this article on the website or simply jump there with the link! If you're interested in possibly winning free Kratom from Re-leaf LLC simply leave a comment after reading the article on the bottom of the articles page! 

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Today 28g's! AND an entry for a contest for 100g, 10 seperate strains!
ALL you have to do is go to AND HIT THE LIKE BUTTON!
Enter right now!

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Hey 20% off our entire online store! Big sale today!! Use code "20Malay" at checkout! We love helping people.

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Don't miss out on our 20% off everything sale online!
Use "20malay" as your coupon code at checkout! We are selling out fast, so come get your Mitragyna now!

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Today in Re-leaf all of our mitragyna is 20% off!!! Use the code "20malay" at checkout! 

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Thanks Everyone! Great day yesterday! I wrote an article I appreciate the read and share. I'm writing another!
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