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Dear Uber​, please stop harassing me to vote in Austin. Stop emailing me, calling me, texting me, and creating notifications in the Android app (uninstalling now...). I don't live in Austin, have never lived in Austin, can't vote in Austin, and don't know how to get that point across to you. Apparently, using Uber while visiting Austin was a mistake because you view it as license to harass me. Please stop.

I wonder if the backlash from your harassment campaign will lead people to vote NO on prop 1. I certainly wouldn't mind at this point. No political campaign has ever been as in-your-face as yours has been and I don't even live in the right state!

#uber #austin

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We've been using pam_slurm_adopt for over three weeks now and things work great, except for a few minor bugs that don't allow for all the intended functionality.  Hopefully those will be cleared up soon and I can say that it works 100%.  No more worries about ssh-launched processes!  This post details the pam_slurm_adopt module.

We just deployed my pam_slurm_adopt code in production today. The solution for handling ssh-launched processes has arrived!  Everything has worked great in testing and looks like it works well in production. See and

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Hot stuff... We just got a new Seek Thermal infrared camera for $250 that attaches to Android phones (there's another model with Lightning that works with iOS).  Here was my first day of playing around with it in a server room.

The FLIR One, FLIR's equivalent device, currently only supports iPhone 5/5s but they announced a new one for "mid-year" this year (no specs or dates yet as we approach mid-year... so.... next year?) that should be pretty good.  I thought I would miss FLIR's feature that combines visible and IR into a single image, but the resolution is high enough on the Seek Thermal that I think we'll do fine without it.

Our AC Shop and main datacenter both have high end FLIR cameras but $250 was the right price for our own camera. It's nice to have a cheap, if less capable, camera that we don't have to borrow from someone.
IR Camera
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I have thought long and hard about it, but I finally figured out how to handle ssh-launched processes in Slurm.  ssh may be used to launch tasks by real MPI with no Slurm support or by "poor man's MPI" that just launches tasks using the only thing the developer knows how to use: ssh.  Proper programs are written using MPI that is compiled with Slurm integration, but not all programs are proper.  Accounting and resource allocation enforcement should soon work with these attempted escapees...

Does anyone know how to stop Google #Hangouts on #Android from signing in automatically?  I don't even use the Hangouts app for anything but it keeps signing me into chat without me wanting to.  Then I get random chats from friends who think I'm at my computer available to chat.

I sign out and it signs me back in at some point.  This has happened on my old and new phones.  It looks like I just need to root the phone (Galaxy S5) to delete the undeletable app.  Why should I even have to think about rooting my phone just so I stop getting signed into chat?

Ideally I could log in if I want to chat then be able to log off, never to be logged in again automatically by Hangouts.  But I'd also be happy with permanently disabling chat on here and using a third party chat client.

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+Levi Morrison and I presented our new Slurm fairshare algorithm in Lugano, Switzerland last week.  The presentation went very well and there was lots of interest in trying out the new algorithm.
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+Levi Morrison and I just authored our second fairshare algorithm for Slurm.

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