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Frikin' Crappy Tire, BOTH wiper blades went on me tonight. Got to CT at 9:01, they wouldn't let me in to buy new ones. Troy do you believe this?

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Rejected wedding photo

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"When freedom flourishes, comedy will follow" -GeorgeVVBush
pretty amazing satire out of afghanistan. h/t +Jesse Thomas

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Sean Boscott dances the social media chicken dance over the London riots

"I will not hide behind a screen… I will put my face and my name to it and say ‘No, this is who I am and this is what I stand for and this is not acceptable’"

Sun News story:

New Statesman post:

Want to support the police? Don't join this Facebook group
A bloggrer's take(down):

Another blog post:

The obligatory Tumbler blog:

The Facebook page:

The (now protected)@SeanBoscott Twitter account:!/@SeanBoscott

@SeanBoscott's stream of tweets dating back to July 18 can be viewed here:

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"The empires of the future are the empires of the mind."
Sir Winston Churchill, Speech at Harvard University, September 6, 1943
In “How Google Dominates Us,” an essay in the Review’s August 18 issue, James Gleick reviews four new books about the rise of Google. He writes:

“How thoroughly and how radically Google has already transformed the information economy has not been well understood. The merchandise of the information economy is not information; it is attention. These commodities have an inverse relationship. When information is cheap, attention becomes expensive. Attention is what we, the users, give to Google, and our attention is what Google sells—concentrated, focused, and crystallized.”


“We need to decide what we want from Google. If only we can make up our collective minds. Then we still might not get it.”

What should we want from Google? Do you agree with Gleick’s view of the company?

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Time Magazine's LightBox features select images from photographer Yuri Dojc’s exhibit, Last Folio: A Photographic Journey with Yuri Dojc. More than a decade in the making, Dojc began working on the Last Folio project in Slovakia after meeting a Holocaust survivor in 1997.

The images are on view in the United States for the first time, showing at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City through late summer 2011. A documentary film created by Katya Krausova follows Dojc through Slovakia, and is part of the exhibition.

Last Folio website:

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Steve Murray puts the pro- in professional (journalist).Would a mere, pajama-clad blogger put themselves up to this for the readers' benefit?
A far braver man than I,@NPsteve takes a tour of the CN Tower's new EdgeWalk attraction. Pretty sure I would die immediately.

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MOSCOW, USSR—Less than a week after the return of the Atlantis orbiter marked the end of the U.S. space shuttle program, the crowded streets and textile factories of Moscow erupted in celebration as the USSR officially declared victory over the United States in the Space Race.

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Ann Cavoukian, Ontario's Information and Privacy Commissioner writes about facial recognition and privacy in today's Globe and Mail.


"Your facial image and identity are your personal information. Being unique in nature, this biometric identifier can represent you in the digital world, and may be misused, lost or stolen, leading to potential matching, tracking, impersonation and other deceptive practices. Accordingly, there are significant privacy and security challenges to facial recognition that must be overcome to ensure that any “unanticipated” negative effects are avoided. Beware of unintended consequences!

The most serious is the linkage of your biometric template across multiple databases, for uses that were never intended. One’s identity may now be routinely shared online by others, as well as one’s personal profile and geo-location data. When facial recognition becomes widespread, your biometric template could be used to identify you in multiple databases."

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Alright now.
OK it's Friday. Are you feeling down? Put a smile on your face before the weekend. These two could give Justin Bieber a run for his money in 10 years.
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