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UWP Shake Gestures
 The Accelerometer class available in UWP starting with version 10240 has an event called Shaken that should be raised when a shake event occurs without having to subscribe to the Accelerometer raw data. This event was never implemented so if you try to use...

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Using iBeacons with Windows 10 - Part I
It’s been a while since my last post on the
blog, but it was such a busy period and sadly my blog is not one of my main
priorities. Would really love to find more time for writing. This post is focused on “consuming” iBeacon
devices around us and also confi...

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Manually install Google Apps on Hyper-V Android emulator
    One of the "hot" new features of Visual Studio 2015 is the new Android Hyper-V emulator. It is an awesome feature as you have a highly performant Android emulator running on the same virtualization engine as the Windows Phone emulator.     It is an x86 ...

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Using the Android Hyper-V Preview with Visual Studio 2013
   Happy New Year to you all! While I am anxiously waiting to know if I will be renewed today as an Microsoft MVP (btw being MVP is an awesome experience, the MVPSummit was a great experience even if I was expecting to see more new things so if you can get ...

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Using Cordova/PhoneGap with Xamarin Android
    Since I haven't found a lot of informations on this matter searching with Google I've decided to share my solution and, maybe, save some time for some of you. The target of this post is to get the Cordova / Phonegap running inside an Xamarin Android pro...

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BLE for developers in Windows 8.1 Part II
      I am sorry that it took me a while to get the second part ready, but better late than ever.      This second part will be actually about discovering services and characteristics using the new API's available in Windows Phone 8.1 release. As you probab...

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BLE for Windows 8.1 Part I
    For who doesn't know Bluetooth Smart/Low Energy devices are devices optimized for low power consumption. Devices can act as an GATT Server, GATT client or both at the same time. In Server mode the device exposes one or more services. Each service has on...

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I am an MVP Rookie
   I am so excited so, even if I am really tired after more than 30 hours travel and just 1 hour of sleep, I have to write this small post and share my achievement with everyone. Today Microsoft awarded me my first MVP award in the Client Development catego...

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Add/Remove Music and Video folders from Windows 8.1 Store Applications
    This is a functionality so buried inside the MSDN documentation that I had to "look" at another application that uses it and only after I was able to find the documentation for it. For the moment (guess because it was not given enough visibility yet) I ...

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What Windows Phone Start screen should learn/inherit from Windows 8.1
    Last week I did a session on live tiles and it got me thinking on how Microsoft and the Windows Phone team could actually improve the Start screen experience and also the application list that, in my opinion, lacks design and more important it is not ve...
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