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A look inside Corporate America madness: Steve Ballmer's exit sketch.. sorry.. "speech" via @verge 
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Andres Colmenares

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Mornings are not all the same, your alarm shouldn’t be either.

Arise & Shine App by Colores Claros — #sleepmore & always wake up on time.

Free #app  for #ios7   
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Maravillosa app. :)
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Andres Colmenares changed his profile photo.

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Andres Colmenares changed his profile photo.
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Medellín, Ackermann, Asymmetry by Vincent van de Wijngaard for +NOWNESS  
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On the Day of His Paris Fashion Week Show, the Colombia-Born Draper Takes Us Back to His Roots
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Andres Colmenares

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I hope someone translates this soon. Beyond politics (and poetics), we all need to pay attention to Mujica's message 
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Andres Colmenares

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This weekend we sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg and made an alternative version of the 'Things That Connect Us' ad:

Mark, what if a billion? - The alt version of 'The Things That Connect Us' Facebook Ad

+ Read the letter here:
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@Dani Oliver papitooou! Viste el video original que hizo Iñarritu?
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