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Google+ for Android: notifications when photos get awesome’d

Today’s new Android app is mostly about bug fixes and performance improvements, but we did squeeze in a feature that’ll make photos more fun: Auto Awesome notifications.

Auto Awesome finds sets of photos in your library, and creates fun new versions automatically (like animations, panoramas, or filmstrips). Starting today you’ll get notified on Android, iOS and the desktop whenever one of these gems is waiting for you.

If you’d like to see all of your awesome’d photos — in your library, or from your circles — simply tap Photos, then search for #autoawesome:

The update is rolling out now to Google Play (v4.1.1,, so give it a go and let us know what you think!
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I'm seeing the notifications without an app update. That right?
One request: Can we get a button to turn OFF the animations in our timeline? Please?
Is there a setting to shut these notifications off? The last thing people need is more useless notifications that bury important ones like mentions. (+1s still being the glaring problem.)

I won't have the problem either way, because I disabled Auto Awesome the day it launched.
+James Fridley thought you might be interested. Looks like a good feature since Google has its own mind of when it wants to "auto awesome" your pictures. Definitely save you from checking again and again.
Thanks for the heads up, look forward to having a play with it :)
Great. What about a "already in albums" tag-feature to the Auto backup photos? That will be great to... Keep up with the good work we're all doing. Thank you.
Awww. So sweet. Beautiful little girl
I love the AutoAwesome feature and this new notification not only tells me about new ones, but revealed some old ones that I'd not spotted before (I hadn't realized that Google+ would go back and AutoAwesome photos I'd taken before the feature launched).

I really wish there was a way to easily share these photos with my Facebook friends. That's one thing that would make me use Google+ far more, and drive more of my friends to it too.
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Lol. I gotta get a good photo of myself first but COOL
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