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Hi everyone, I'm the Tech Lead on the Google+ app for Android. As many of you know, we launched a brand new version (v.2.1) of the app earlier this week.

I'm happy to announce that we have pushed another release (v.2.1.1) to Android Market, which you can grab here as soon as it's available:

First off, the widget is back! Second, this minor update should also resolve several of the installation and crash issues you've been reporting.

Please keep the feedback coming. We can't wait to show you what's coming up ahead. Have a good weekend!
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Awesome Update, Thanks for the Widget, now for some bug fixing on the IOS version :D
Thank you!
I have to say tho the grey text is hard to read
I can see the update in my apps on my phone but when I open it it does not give me the option to update just open or uninstall
What Amanda said!! Sucks on Incredible
Awesome! Thanks for your hard work!

If I may make a suggestion, being able to +1 individual comments...and see +1's on comments...would be a really stellar addition! (yes, I have sent feedback)

Thanks for the awesome app. :-)
+Virgil Dobjanschi could you make the stream not move to the top of the post I would like it to start where I left off from the last time I was in g+ that way we don't miss any post thank you g+ is awesome
Glad to have the widget back! Can we expect being able to +1 comments anytime soon?
Awesome! Thanks for responding so quickly!
+Virgil Dobjanschi thanks for the update. Even with the new update it's still not possible to join hangouts via a link as it was before.
Áron, that is already possible on android, since the last update. Edit: I am adding this after the fact.
I hope this fixes notification syncing,
I am in the app. See, look, +robert martin. I have edited you into this post.
Yes, I know. I am in the android app, and I can edit my comments.
A) check out my second post above.

B) long press your comment.
Any chance of reducing the amount of phone memory this app requires? When I installed it just now, the ~8MB download expanded to 19MB, and it took up 11MB of phone space after moving it to the SD card. The app's nice, but it takes up too much phone memory for me to keep installed, especially with how infrequently my contacts are using Google+. If it were small enough, I'd probably keep it on my phone though.

Edit: A dark theme would be great, too.
Anton K
+Virgil Dobjanschi I sure hope you have fixed the constant photo upload glitches in the mobile app because they are annoying as hell. It's a lucky day if I can share 4 or 5 photos within a post from a mobile device, much less the 8 photos that you promise.
Oh, and please, do fix the image cropping issue in the android app that is so persistent in the most recent update.
Thank you.
My only comment is can you please add a Dark or inverted theme. It totally kills the eyes when you go to look at the screen late at night and get blinded by the completely white background. I used a few hacked/modified versions in the past just because they were dark ... and for no other reason. I have since switched back to the official version because I like all the updates and bug fixes... but the background is just so bright. It would be nice to have the option.
Bilquar Decasa  -  A regression appeared in the latest version of google+ Mobile for Android:
When you share a web page via google+, you lose the title of the page. Whereas before it had been. Only the link on the page is presented. It discourages a lot with the publication google+ mobile: we must regain the title of the page.
Have you noticed the same thing?
I want to have a switch:Load Images. When I was on 2g network,I don't want to load photos so that I can save my flows.
I noticed that there was no title when publishing a web page. Why doesn't G+ mobile do a nice job like the web version of showing an image and summary of the web page?
Now . . .about that Google+ App for the iPhone . .
Here's my feedback on the Android G+ app:
1) Let me +1 comments
2) Let me edit posts
3) Give me a dark theme option (in settings) for late-night reading
4) Give me the option of seeing animated GIFs (some are worth seeing)
5) Let me see when a post is shared (can't currently do that)
6) Let me see when a comment is +1ed
7) Let me see who +1ed a post or comment
8) Let me initiate a Hangout

Other than those, it's decent. Thanks for asking.
Let's if the install doesn't fail on me this time...
please correct what +Craig Froehle said as well as the widget use to able to checkin from, what happened? +Virgil Dobjanschi could you please look into these issues, it would greatly improve an already good product. thank you for time and hard work so far.
Why do you no longer get the text suggestion bar when typing in landscape mode? This makes NO sense. Just tested with this latest update, still not there. SO fail.... (Nexus S)
Thanks for the widget. I was missing it badly.
Can you add an ability to see 'What's Hot' ?
why is to soo big? O_O almost 5 MB after moving it to SD? my wildfire s is unhappy, no google+ app for me. nevertheless the interface etc is great, i like it more than normal version of g+.
It's nice, but given Google's push for consistency across all its applications, it would be nice if the Google+ widget matched the Google Reader, Youtube, Docs widgets in terms of design.
One of my main issues is the same as +Bill Wood - sharing via mobile is awful - pages and youtube vids are nothing more than a link. Wish this could be addressed too.
hopefully this fixes the notifications bug - they've only been working if I launch the app, click on notifications, and then hit refresh!
+Virgil Dobjanschi do you have any release plans for non-US customers like me? i'm still downloading g+ app from web, so please le me know when i can get it from android market place.
+matt where are u based? Its available in a lot of countries...
Others..thanks so much for.the feedback!
Can anyone tell me what the "Incoming" stream is for?
Thank u Virgil everything is working great! will there be some way to show the "what's hot" topics soon?
South Korea ..yes...not launched there yet unfortunately
thanks for the update, and welcome the return of widget. Instant upload used to work with photos saved in memory card in SGS II, but in the current version it only works with photos saved in phone memory. Could you please bring back that function? Ability to +1 comments in app is another function i would love to have.
I don't want to have to remember to turn off location sharing when I post. I'd prefer to have off completely or to be able to reduce the accuracy of the post to city, country etc. Flickr has geofencing feature which is very cool for blurring location around home, work etc. and would be something I'd really welcome. Other than that, I'm really liking G+.
very useful on the phone, very useless on the tablet.
Google Messenger via the browser please.
dynamic circles please!!! based on email domain.. i.e. work friends

please please please!!!!
Thanks for the update. Biggest wishes:
- Reduce app size. It baloons to 20MB+ on my phone.
- Setting for text-size. It's a little to tiny for me.
- Dark theme. To prevent eating battery on those nice AMOLED displays.
Thanks again!
I'm still waiting for the feature to download pictures from posts to my mobile. Why is this still not possible? Also I miss the +1 button for single comments.
First just a compliment, your team is doing a great job, the android Google+ app is getting better and better. However i would like if the app would make more use of the extra space my asus transformer has (android 3.2 & ICS later i hope ;-) . It now sometimes feels like an excellent mobile phone app on an tablet if you know what i mean.
I may be being dumb here but just upgraded to the latest version on my Nexus One and I see no G+ widget when I try to add a new widget to home screen. Is the Nexus One simply not supported?
Please add a way to clear cache even if i have app installed on SD, data uses 20Mo and doesn't not stop growing. Thanks for your good work
Still waiting for the first version of this app that doesn't crash all the time. Apart from that it's great.
Refresh is sometimes a bit slow, even on wifi. Two features I really miss are +1 for comments and hashtags, but overall it is a great application.
The widget is unavailable if the app is moved to SD card. Anyone else experience this?
Thanks for adding the widget. I just want to echo some of the comments here. I love this app but I just takes up so much space! Is it possible to optimize/reduce the app's footprint? Also, I think the option for a dark theme (like Amazon's Kindle app) would be very helpful. Keep up the great work Virgil!
+Isak Mongan that's not a bug, it's the same for all android apps installed on SD as the desktop widgets are launched before sd card is mounted
Thank you - you do a great job! It's a beautiful designed and builded app. Hashtags would be great. - But please PLEASE stop adding my G+ contacts to my GMail and Android contacts without asking me. I've >3000 contacs in G+ and all I can see in GMail and Android contacts is the first name without any useful information... Or is there a possibility to delete them without deleting the people in G+?
Also... Please App2SD.. some of us have older version of Android devices with less than 150MB in the flash partition for installing stuff. With GMail/Maps and now Contact storage (After all the G+ circles coming into contact list) taking up close to 50MB, there is not much space left for anything else...So, please please App2SD.
Yaaaaay, I loved the widget! :D
+Cora Triton The Google+ contacts are stored in a separate folder in your contacts. At least on Android it is easy to hide these in your Contacts app.
+Patrick Schmitz I did hide them, but I don't want them at all. Why should I have 15 undistinguishable Davids in my contacts? Just a simple question: "Add to GMail contacts?" would solve the problem... Or let me delete them without sync to G+...
I would love to try the app, but no room in memory because of the contacts bloat problem caused by G+. Same problem as +Amanda Blain and many others. My contacts file is 56.8MB on my HTC Desire. I'm killing off apps just trying to keep the phone operational.
+Ken Fife I'm curious. Anyway a screenshot can be linked to this thread? I'm not a Google person, just legitimately concerned.
+Ken Fife you can solve the problem with the addressbook. just go in display options, select your google account and select which contacts groups should be displayed (i use only System Group: My Contacts).
+Alexandria Long As +Ken Fife mentioned. If you have a few thousand people in your G+ circle, the "Contact Storage" app(service?) on Android gets bloated. (Whether you install G+ app or not). We can choose not to 'view' these contacts, but they still get synced/downloaded to the phone.
You're parroting what other people say, and I do understand and believe them. I am curious about the phone's current running processes related to Android and nothing else. It's totally up to Ken if he wants to post one or not, but I only asked.
+Ken Fife You ARE on topic, since your circle contacts are being called upon by the app and in the Android Contacts app. I am on the low end of the spectrum concerning G+ contacts. My contacts service is running at 3.7 MB currently, and I only have 24 people in my circles. I can imagine it being frustrating having so many people added. I never saw Google Plus contacts in my normal real life contacts, because the group that contains the Plus contacts is not being displayed. I know those contacts are still being stored, but I'm not sure if those contacts would factor into the currently running Contacts app since it's told not to display or search for them. Meaning I can't tell whether or not they are still being pulled into memory.
+Vishnu Suresh Don't worry about it. The easiest way to get a screenshot right now is if the user has the Android SDK on their computer and root or an app that bypasses root and the need to link to a PC for a screenshot. Which says the process isn't that easy afterall. To think about it further it was unfair to ask since I don't know Ken or anyone else's situation. =(

I do not have this problem (I believe), but I did go fishing for more threads about it. Some have fixed it by rooting and using a custom firmware, while others seem to have worked around their phone caching that data at all. I'm not sure if the suggestion to turn the G+ contacts display OFF solves it. I assume clearing cached data and restarting Contacts might help in addition to it.
+Alexandria Long I would send you a screenshot if I knew how. Currently, running apps sorted by size starts with Contact Storage 57.34MB, Maps is next at 9.8MB, then Market 7.86, and down from there.
+Amanda Blain thank you for pointing out the contacts storage issue. We have to be more mindful of users who have phones with low amount of storage.
I can edit my comments but I want to edit my posts, too!

Circle section needs a third tab "Followers".

A g+ profile link should open in the g+ app. Just do it the same way as YouTube video links allow me to choose the YouTube app.

Allow us to send and recive a profile link by SMS, QR-Code, NFC etc. useing the android "send to app" function.

Add g+ LiveSearch and hashtags!

Save as much as you can on SD card, not in phone memory. G+ should not become the social network for celly freaks having the latest and most expensive celly.
I can't comment on the release timing of specific features but I assure you that our team is parsing your feedback. We listen to our users. We want to make this app a perfect companion to the desktop web experience and one the reason you enjoy your Android phone.
+Cora Triton I had the same problem you need to check you sync setting on you phone an it should stop. it is under sync click on each acc an uncheck sync contact an sync gmail.
+Robert Martin But I want to sync MY contacts (about 150) and not >3000 G+ contacts - nobody I knew in RL...
Sweet, the widget is back! Now please let me work with shared circles in the app
Love the newest version of the app. Nice work:)
Anton K
+Virgil Dobjanschi Updated the app last night. Numerous glitches all day today trying to post photos from mobile, get a "can't post" error message even for a two, three photos attached. @ or + name functionality not working unless I use the email address and only for people in my circles, unlike the previous version; can't @ or + for someone outside my circles in the android app. Other bugs here and there, I actually am beyond frustrated and regret updating to the new version altogether.
C'mon guys, you can do much better, I primarily joined G+ for the mobile app but unless you do something about these constant glitches and bugs I am jumping the ship because the functionality is simply not present. Time to step it up if you are truly serious about competing with other social networking platforms.
Considering how much of a space and memory hog this app is for Android it feels like some amateurish hack job. Disappointing: removing my +1 and lowering expectations.
PLEASE bring back 'Set as Wallpaper' option when viewing photos....please!
+Virgil Dobjanschi is there a way to move the Google+ app "data" to the SD card? I'm regularly getting 30mb of data that is writing to my HTC desire's internal memory card.. and then I keep getting low memory warnings and issues... which is very annoying.
Love the Honeycomb widgets. Not so fond of the tripled app size on my Nexus One. Keep up the good work!
Thanks for asking and listenning to #Feedback +Virgil Dobjanschi and +Punit Soni.
I think the 8 points list of +Craig Froehle is hitting the nail on the head for the "most wanted" new features. But, please, please, please! Fix the size problem of this app!

I've installed hundreds of apps on my Nexus One since the last two years, and it's the first time I see an app which size keeps growing indefinitely! That's just insane!

#MyStory: After the last G+ app update the internal memory of my phone went low. The G+ app was over 12MB despite being moved to SD (by the way, that was the first time I saw an app moved to SD weighting more than 5MB...). I was going to delete all cache but found out that there is no cache, but instead 8MB of Data. >>> Being given no other choice, I had to erase the DATA (that's inconvenient since it erases your app settings...). Reconnecting to the app and defining which Circles I want to be displayed (I choose only one, hoping it would limit the app size) the Data quickly climbed back up to 4MB, then 6MB... and now, after only two days, I'm at 10MB! And that's only for the DATA part of it, the total app weight 14.5MB right now! >>> Now, reading the comments here, I see that it will likely keep on climbing, to 20MB, 30MB and more! (And I'm not even talking about the Contacts' app size problem, also climbing because of G+ circled users...) Even the Facebook and Twitter apps that I've always hated, for being mammoths that you can't uninstall or move to SD, now look like "best practice apps" compared to G+...

I can think of two possible workarounds:
• Move everything that can be moved out of Data into Cache. That way users will be able, from time to time, to delete their cache without erasing their account's login connection and their app's settings.
• Give the users an option to move the Data and/or the Cache into their SD card.

But of course the best would be to modify the app so it doesn't increase the Data size indefinitely!

I love G+, both on desktop and on my phone, but this is really a No-Go issue for phones with limited internal memory. I hope you'll be able to fix that. Thanks for reading (I hope my English was clear, I'm French).

Thanks for G+
Please bring back 'Set as Wallpaper' option when viewing photos.
My photos still seem to be scaled down both when auto upload or I manually upload them to G+. Anyone else experiencing this or am I interpreting "Higher resolution photo uploads" wrong?
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