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New version of Google+ for Android available today

In addition to bug fixes and performance boosts, today’s new version of Google+ for Android includes a number of user-requested features:

- Opening “Locations” will automatically refresh your friends’ locations on the map
- Photos now supports Android Beam, so you can share photos via NFC
- Photos also supports Daydream, so you can view your pics in screensaver mode when charging or docking your device
- Individual photo details are now available in the drop-down menu

The updated app is rolling out gradually (v4.2.3,, so give it a try and let us know what you think! #googleplusupdate
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but please please please bring upload photos to specific album please
+Wendell Seace thanks but i have explained that a few times to +Virgil Dobjanschi a few times already and that's not exactly what i meant
it's about upload a batch of photos to specific album and share that batch
then next time I submit another batch to that same album (like a batch of travel photos) and then share the submitted batch again

then again, the capability should be available within the G+ app.
+Virgil Dobjanschi I've highlighted a separate issue with the android app previously, but it hasn't been fixed in ages. If you click on a link in Google+ android app, it opens fine in the chrome for android browser. If I press the multi-tasking button and switch back to Google+ app and then click on another link, instead of opening it in a new tab, it opens it in the same tab as the previous link. Thus, the previous link gets overwritten in the browser. Very frustrating.
+Allan Wong I guess I just don't understand your issue. I'm able to do everything you mentioned right from my phone.

In the Gallery app, I multiselect the photos I want to upload. Then hit the share button and choose Picasa. A dialog opens where I can select the album I want to put the photos. I can add photos at will (in batches).

When I'm ready to share them, I can do so. I just select the ones I want to share.

Works fine for me. What is it that you can't do? 
The ability to check into places with people would be good.. 
Now if only they would open up the Google+ People API to show currentLocatuon
I wish that I could use the location service on my desktop - its a real pain using my phone for this when I'm at my PC.
It would be great to be able to mute the locations of people who are sharing with you that you don't care to see. I know I can uncircle them, but that's not the solution I am looking for.  I want to keep them in my circles, just don't want to see them when I open locations.
Awesome! I've been waiting for photo details. 
+Uren Patel  you can share your fine (pinpoint) location without sharing commute updates.  Pinpoint is managed by circles within location settings, commute is managed within accounts privacy settings in Google Now.

You can't have commute without pinpoint, but you can have pinpoint without commute
Now, if only G+ for Android fixed the crash when you start scrolling too quickly and got rid of modal dialogs...

(you really should get rid of the modals, you're not setting a good example which the ADiA team try really hard to do)
+Wendell Seace the difference is
1. you upload a batch of photos to Album "A" using Picasa
2. you share them from Album "A" to G+, then the photos have been duplicated to the "Posts" instead of sharing directly from the album.  
with the above 2 steps, you will have 2 sets of photos one at your Album "A" and one at "Photos from Post"
and when viewers click on your post they can only view that specific batch of photos but NOT all photos from Album "A"

My intention is
1. I upload a batch to Album "A" using G+ app, and share it right away (no duplication)
2. I upload another batch to Album "A" and share it right away (again no duplication)
3. when view click on that album, they will be able to see all the photos from that album.

You may argue that I can just share the entire Album "A" everytime I upload the photos but that way all photos from the album will be shown at the same time instead of batch by batch.  that way I can't describe the batch of photos batch by batch
+Kevin Dunseath my use case is that I want to share pinpoint with friends but don't want to bug them with commute updates.... I know they can turn off commute cards for me but I would like a bit more separation between pinpoint vs commute.
+Uren Patel   That's exactly what I'm saying.

Set up a circle, share pinpoint location with them on the G+ Locations settings.

Go to Google Now settings. Ensure  Commute Sharing is off.

+Virgil Dobjanschi
1) still can not sort shared photos (= photo mess)
2) still endless scrolling and searching when notified about an activity
3) still unable to comfortably write a long comment
4) sharing more photos of two days is almost impossible
5) highlights are very very very....... actually what is the meaning of that? Does Google know better which photos I want to share? I never use that random mix :)
6,7,8) many many more

please, deal with more important things, these flaws make the Android app useless for sharing....still have to use my PC for sharing and Android tablet for some's still a pain

but still better than anything else, thank you :)
+Virgil Dobjanschi You guys might want to fix this asap.

Just looked into all the errors people have been reporting with this update. Turns out this is a dogfood build, so it uses sandbox servers instead of production. These aren't meant to be used by production APKs and aren't set up to scale, so they're 502ing from time to time.

We need a new APK that uses production servers now. Mind you, the APK we're using came directly from the Play Store.
+Kevin Dunseath what I want is this. Two circles. One for family one for friends. I want to be able to share commute with family but don't buy friends with that card.... As far as I know this isn't possible.. Am I wrong?
+Uren Patel  if you want both circles to see your pinpoint, but only one to see your commute, then no, you are not wrong.
+Allan Wong I see what you're wanting to do. The duplication you mention is only visual. The photos in the posting are not actually duplicated. G+ isn't actually using any more data than your original photos in the album. 

I can see wanting to perform the operation in one step instead of two. But I don't want to be limited to doing it that way. I prefer being able to upload my photos to an album, and then selecting the photos I want to share. I may want to share to different audiences, and say different things about the photos to each audience (circle). If I'm forced to do it your way, I have to limit each upload to a particular audience. I'd rather upload everything at once, then create my posts afterward.

Something else to consider... I have photos from my phone auto-uploaded (Auto-Backup), so I categorize (move photos to individual albums) after the auto-uploading. I don't keep very many photos on my phone (they're all in the cloud or backed-up on my network-attached storage at home). So I don't have to do a lot of manual uploading to create posts. I share from my albums as needed.

If it was an option to do it your way, that's fine, but I don't want that to be the default (or only) way.
+Virgil Dobjanschi  "Google has mistakenly left some debug code in this build, which is causing connectivity issues within the app. The problem is that the debug code makes G+ use the sandbox backend servers instead of production ones. These servers weren't intended to handle the full load brought on by production APKs, so they're 502ing for many users."
+Wendell Seace thanks for understanding. but they are duplicating.  it's not the storage space on G+ i care. I sync' all my Picasa photos to my phones  as well. The way you do it right now will have duplicates of photos on my phones which use up space of my ROM size (1 set at the Album "A" and 1 set at Photos from Post, not to forget 1 more set at Autobackup)

The way I do it you can do exactly what you want to as you can always "share" photos from the album again and make duplicates.

This way I described has been here on the G+ Desktop for ages (sharing it directly from "Autobackup" to Album "A" and then make post).  Such capabilities are just lacking from G+ App.

I have been using G+ both desktop and app since the day G+ started so I have been experimenting a lot of things.  Desktop, if i have one, works fine the way I want.  It's just the app that lacks the function.  When I travel and organize photos without a laptop, I need this simple function which Facebook has been having since day 1.  Not trolling.  It's just a very simple function.

Lastly, yeah I just want this as an option for frequent travellers like me.  I never wanted it as default.
+Allan Wong But you can share it directly from the Autobackup on your phone. You can share to a post or you can share to Picasa. You can do it from the Gallery app or from the new Pictures (G+) app.

The only thing that I see you asking, that can't yet be done, is to create a post while simultaneously uploading a picture to a particular album. Again, I would want that to only be an option, not requisite for photo management.
+Wendell Seace duplication is one problem.
Viewer experience is another.
No one wants that as a prerequisite.
Uploading to a specific album is always an option.
It's ok. Thanks though

That is a magical link. I checked the Play Store about 10 minutes before clicking the link. It wasn't there manually checking, but it was there with the link. Can you please provide a link to other app updates? :-) Specifically, Hangouts and Search? :-) 
andy o
Just got this update and Android Beam still doesn't appear to be working here on N10 4.3 and N5.
Still missing the option to email a circle when I make a post. I have to go back to the desktop to do this. We are using G+ to replace a lot of email communication in our company but the email option is still essential for important updates to reach people that only check their email. 
This update, on Android 2.3.x devices still does not show profile pictures and other photos.
+andy oka yeah, same experience here, between N5 and N7 (2012), both with the latest G+ and running kitkat. Android Beam doesn't work from photos, though it works fine from stock gallery.
+Allan Wong I understand where you are coming from. Duplication isn't ideal, but it's a solution for another issue I used to have. I shared photos from album on G+ posts, deleted the album at a later time. As a result those posts lost the embedded photos as well. 
+Chi-Heng Ng yes, if you delete the duplicated photos from that post, the post won't show the photos as well.
that's why we need to share them directly from the album for better organization to prevent duplication
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