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We just pushed a new version of Google+ for Android with some bug fixes and performance improvements. Thanks for your feedback, keep it coming!

As always, you can grab the latest version of the app from Android Market here:

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Great work! Any chance to grab the source code? I am trying to implement the rest client application using the service pattern you introduced on I/0 2010 and some sample code would be great:-)
When will the functionality of the Incoming Stream be restored?
I will not update my tablet until that happens.
I use the Incoming stream every day. It is by far the best tool for intentionally discovering new people to circle, because they've already don't most of the work by finding me.
Are there plans to expand the iOS G+ app for use on the iPad?
Thank you, Easter Bunny! Bok Bok! :D
Thank you for your work. But

...many missing features: Strike doesn't work.
#HashTags? doesn't work.
Pictures and description for Hyperlinks: doesn't work.
Counter for reshares? Doesn't work.

How about editing your profile info from the app? That seems like a huge missing feature.
Would LOVE to see an update to make better use of tablet screen space. Beating Facebook to the punch with this on Android would probably be a good idea.
I know you're probably not the person to ask about this, but I keep getting phototagged by strangers. They don't even have me circled. Can you add an option to keep people who are not in my circles from tagging me?

I'm just waiting for the phallic tags to start :\
From the desktop, go to your albums, click the album you want to lock, and above the big main picture there should be a little padlock icon.
~13MB when moved to SD!
You're simply killing my Nexus One :-(

LifeSearch: latest posts in realtime
the list of my saved searches
When will Google+ Messenger add the ability to save pictures sent to you or add those pictures to your "Photos from Messenger" Picasa web album?
Hey +Virgil Dobjanschi I have submitted the same issue regarding the landscape auto correct as +Jason Bayton has, is there anything else that I can do to help? This bug has now lasted through 4 versions of bug fixes and updates and has still not been fixed. I would like to help any way that I can to help make the Google+ app on Android the best experience for everyone as possible.
How do we feedback? I would really like to share posts on Twitter or Facebook - it's baked into the +Android OS, but sadly the +Google+ app doesn't support it. Irritating having to do that on the desktop - would really like to share great posts with communities who haven't yet discovered G+.
In the app, click the little menu icon in the top right, choose "Send Feedback"
Or on the G+ "home" screen, tap menu and select send feedback. Depending on the device you have.
Landscape autocorrect still seems to be broken. Double space to place a period at the end of a sentence also doesn't work. Or has it ever?
+John Burak the whole point of Incoming (besides being a single click instead of minutes of circle manipulation) was that you have not circled those people, and very likely for the most part you don't want to. I really do find good people that way, but I do usually have to dig for a while. If I had done all that haggling with the circles interface, I'd surely run out of spare time before scanning any posts. As it is, I spend probably 20 minutes looking each morning and find maybe about 5/week.
+Virgil Dobjanschi it's a little annoying that you ignore a mass of comments about autocorrect to address hashtags. Come on now, don't pretend the problem does not exist please.
+Bob O`Bob Then circle them back. If you show interest in what they write you should circle back anyways. That's how it works.
+Ryo Cook wow, talk about missing the point. There's a couple thousand in there.
+Ross Tjarks yes, with the latest update. First, right after install, it has climbed up to 18 MB, then has go down to 6 MB and now is stabilized at 12 MB :-( ...Could it depends on how many people are in the user's circles?
+Paul Newport I know, my G+ app is 5.66MB when moved to SD + ~7.32MB of Data. And that's indeed the problem: This huge extra space doesn't go to SD but into the limited internal memory. And the user can't limit this cache size... The only workaround is to go to the App management menu and clear this Data. The downside is that it also deletes the google account connection and the G+ app preferences. :-/ And the worst part of the problem is that even after deleting Data, simply reconnecting to the Google account makes the Data size climb to huge levels (~6.5MB) again. Then, using the app can only make things worse... :(
Not to mention the size of the "Contacts" system app that keeps growing as you add people to your circles...
+Paul Newport There's an Android setting to choose which contacts you want to be displayed on the phone (default is the "My Contacts" list from but that's only a display setting... From what I've read on the comments in +Virgil Dobjanschi previous G+update post there's no way (at least on the Android side) to prevent the background syncing of all the contacts, including circled G+ users.

Still, the cache usage of the G+ Android app is a more important issue IMHO. I couldn't agree more with all your proposals!
I'd love to know when you plan to revamp the entire G+ interface for Android tablets. G+ is (sorry to be frank here) really ugly on tablets. Hard to read, massive white space, inefficient UI. I'd like to see it somewhat mimic the gmail app in that there's a left pane for various controls, sections, and a main pane for content.
+Mark Prince - now that I can run Chrome on my tablet, I would hate to see a lot of effort put into any new layout for G+. I would say just add alternatives for all the points where, for example mouse hover is expected, or if there are other places where Android falls short of the desktop experienece. And let the android app team concentrate on smaller views.
Please, make all the data and a much bigger chunk of the application transferable to the SD card. I can't afford the ~12MB it usually requires in my main partition.
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