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Flop of the Night: LeBron James and Tony Parker

You'll have to head over to TrueHoop for the links to the Parker videos. For now, here's LeBron James flopping against the Pacers.

Read the full post on TrueHoop:
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Lebron James takes the cake

Tony does over do it sometimes though
LJ is the king of flopping. 2nd place goes to Paul Pierce.
Lebron has no pride. What a joke.
I lost so much respect for him... LB is like the strongest guy on the court but acts like he's weak... Then again... He's Mr. MIA 4th Qtr
I've never heard of a king that flops.
Today is National LeBron James Day.
Everyone gets to leave work 12 minutes early.
I really hate floppers. I can't get myself to cheer for cheats.
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