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Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images Thursday at HoopIdea: Henry Abbott will reveal how to make end-of-game situations more exciting. Join us as we
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Contracting the league would improve the quality of play. I'd like to see a 60 game season spread out over 6 months(too many injuries right now in 120 day season) and a shorter-ish post-season, 2 months is too long. I know it's great for revenue but contraction is the way to go. Abolish the age requirement or up it to 2 years. It's killing college hoops. Adopt the tip rule from international play, being able to knock a ball off the rim after it has hit the rim. It would increase the defensive effort knowing they can get a block shot. Also reorganizing the conferences like JA Adande mentioned before the season would make more geo-graphical sense. Teams that can be cutting block; Wizards, Warriors, Kings, NOLA, Bobcats, Pistons, Nets.
Easiest, least disruptive improvement: 1 free throw for 2 points. 3 point free throws taken from the 3 point line. There is nothing less exciting than the first free throw of two.

Then, we need a way to prevent clock management fouls. Let the offense decline the foul and get the ball back out of bounds. No shot clock reset.

Replace some fouls with a 1 point penalty. Techs, fouls on completed shots. Maybe even shooting fouls on misses: 1 point penalty, ball out of bounds to the offense.
Use the shotclock for timing freethrows, and have the red lights go off if the time runs out!
Bill Simmons had a great idea for the "Entertaining as Hell" tournament, where the 8th playoff spot in each conference is determined by a series of one-game playoffs between the remaining teams. This is a genius idea. Let's make it happen!
Limited substitution to 6 per team per half and none after 1:30 left in a half. Let the best players play
I watched the tape Henry posted from the Euroleague. I saw that the team who had the ball after the timeout ran a beautiful play for 3. Then everything else was chaos. Up to and including the Greek team not being able to foul anyone in 5 seconds. That' is awful execution. We need timeouts in this game, otherwise the games will be even more ragged than they sometimes are.
The first thing that needs to go is fouls that aren't fouls. Flopping should get a technical foul and maybe even a fine, period. Van Gundy is absolutely right that "acting" fouls are HORRIBLE for the sport. The refs also need to loosen up the rule book a little more in general. The physicality of the game is pathetic anymore. The golden era of this sport was marked by physical players and bruising action. There is a place for artistry too but the refs need to let em play a lot more. And I concur that dudes need to stay in college longer, both the college and NBA games can benefit from that necessary change.
Rules that limit defensive strategy such as zones need to be repealed. If it is causing a problem there has to be a better way to alleviate those issues. But eliminating a strategy all together makes certain teams obsolete. We have a huge imbalance in the league now, great teams and terrible teams. Finding a way to give a team more options with the players they have would allow for stronger competition. Obviously you can't just throw the zone back in there without some thought, but figuring out a way to give teams without superstars a fighting chance would make for a more NFL like unpredictability. Seeing teams win because of chemistry is something you only see in the NBA if there is a Superstar that the other teammates finally figured out how to have chemistry with. Not a group of guys who started figuring out how to put there talents together as a team and come away with a win.
1. All Star Week - Get rid of the three point contest and replace it with HORSE.
2. All Star Week - Get rid of the dunk contest and replace it with 1on1. Kobe vs. LeBron or Durant vs. Howard? Would be awesome. Winners outs, game to 21.
3. Make the game two 30 minutes halves instead of four 15 minute quarters. Longer runs and streaks, less interruptions.
4. Arguing with the refs = automatic ejection/suspension.
5. Mic the players, provide R-rated audio feed on SAP.
Punish flopping, give flopper foul and other team free throws and the ball.
Charges and fouls are called way more often compared to 10 years ago. It's like the rules changed to make it easier to draw a charge. It changes the game to be much less physical. Fouls where a player steps or jumps into a defender and then chucks the ball up and gets FTs are ridiculous. If you want less whistles, then let the players fight it out rather than stopping at any kind of body contact.
I understand the respect the refs notion, all players should respect the refs, but the techs are way to common and inconsistent. Some players can jabber with the refs for minutes without tech while others get one by just looking at the refs.
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