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Make NBA crunch time MORE exciting

Does the game really have to stop so much? We say no ...
Here's a HoopIdea: Crunch-time basketball is fantastically exciting -- the peak entertainment of the sport. But the ball is dead a lot. Play stops
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the reason basketball is better on the playgrounds, is because there is no time limit. you simply score up to a certain number (usually 21 points) and the game ends. this way, there are no time wasting delays, petty fouls for free throws, and excessive dribbling to run the clock. just make a rule that the first team to score 90 points wins. Simple. its like volleyball or tennis or any other sport where scoring is high. no clock, just a focus on scoring and winning.
NK Kyle
when teams are in the penalty in the last two minutes of the fourth quarter, a foul should lead to 3 free throws. this would cut down on the intentional fouls that slow the game down at this point in the game and make it so boring.
The crunch time at the end of the game is probably the biggest thing wrong with basketball. I think, to alleviate this problem, the player who is fouled should get one free throw and possession at half court (no inbounding) with a reset shot clock. No team foul bonus, and four fouls to bench. That's it. Now noone wants to foul, so no dead ball time. More pure basketball.
Give them a free throw worth 10 points AHAHA
FIBA Rules - the Euroleague is better than the NBA in every basketball sense other than the individual talent of the players.
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