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Heroic Robot
uncommon visuals. unusual music. uncanny artificial intelligence.
uncommon visuals. unusual music. uncanny artificial intelligence.

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What we did on Friday.

Well cats, that was an outstanding event. Much love to +Heart Deco, to +Danzhaus, and all the wonderful people who came together to make tonight really work out. It was rad, and we had a blast!

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Stuff From The Heroic Robot Advanced Technology R&D Group

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Laser Realignment time

It turns out 50 meters is just too long to extend HDMI over Cat5e. Perhaps we'll try Cat6 and/or a shorter run :(

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+Heroic Robot just received three more projectors. That brings our total up to 6. Prepare for 360 immersive visual environments in the future puny humans :)

The new projectors are a slightly upgraded model from the ones we use currently (5000 lumens vs 4500).

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Some pictures and videos of our last show at Public Works
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