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Perl consultant and trainer. Hire me via
Perl consultant and trainer. Hire me via

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What? You're still here?

In that case, you might want to read my latest blog entry. Because there's been such a spike in traffic to my blog since the election, I wrote a primer for people new to the "how to become an expat" blog.

There's even a special message for those who want to flee the country because of Trump.

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In case you're not entirely clear about whether or not you support discrimination,consider that in 1916, President Wilson said that it should be left up to individual states whether or not women should have the right to vote.

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Jill Stein, Green Party presidential candidate, is still walking the tightrope of pandering to pseudo-science voters and pretending to be serious about the topic. They're doing this to not offend some voters (and possibly people within their own organization) even though they know they can't even come close to the threshold guaranteeing federal funding in the next election.

While I like the idea of the Green Party — we desperately need a more sustainable world — until they start acting like responsible adults they'll never be more than the Hippie Party. Science and sustainability are complementary, not adversaries. We need politicians who aren't afraid to address the real problems we have, not distracting the public with these petty sideshows.

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Any strong Golang devs out there? We need one for a 4-month remote contract to implement IPDR. Work from home, in your pajamas, hacking in your favorite language! So long as you can also write documentation and tests, we're cool :)

Email me at

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Perl 6: The Game of Thrones of programming languages. I wrote the article, not the title :)

Any Lua/C++ experts here? Client has a short (remote) contract to port some C++ code to Lua. Knowledge of Bison would be helpful.

More work later if you're handy with C.

Invariably in any debate of the state of US Democracy, someone will let loose with the lofty correction "the US is a republic, not a democracy." Have you ever heard that actually help the argument? Me neither.

Pedants just want to pede.

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I've a new article about Perl 5 published on TechBeacon. Check it out and share it!

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My "Perl 6 — Why People Are So Excited" talk in Brussels at @fosdem 2016 is now online. (Note the first three minutes of audio are messed up, and then get sorted out)

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