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"The scientific community could decide tomorrow to eliminate restrictions on access to the research literature. But, because of a complex stew of narrow self-interest, vanity, laziness and tradition, the majority of scientists continue to feed the beast – unwilling to act on their own to change a system they know is wrong."
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This is why I always say very nice things about our peaceful robot friends.

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Working on my trampolined CPS abstract interpreter for JavaScript (JIPDA). The higher-order, side-effecting functional part is starting to look good.

- interprocedural dependence analysis via stack reachability
- abstract counting (optimization for precision)
- abstract garbage collection (optimization for precision)
- per-context widening at call sites (optimization for speed)
- semantic overlap between user level and host level
- values+cont stack modeled separately
- full precision for return-flow
- does not rely on any normalization (like alpha-renaming, ANF, CPS, ...)

Next: add support for imperative constructs and objects.
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