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New .London domains. Must be great news companies in London + Local SEO ;)
.London Domain Names Are here!

We are delighted to announce the launch of one of the most exciting new domain extensions. From today, you can apply for your very own piece of the city!

Find for your perfect .London domain at

Why get a .London domain?
 • Stand out from the crowd and get your website noticed with a unique and memorable .London domain extension. 
  • Help improve your local SEO results within Google Search with a London-centric domain name. 
  • Protect your brand identity from competitors and cyber squatters. 

Get a .London extension for your business...
Just search at
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Great conversion rate tips here.
4 Simple Tips That Doubled Our Conversion Rate by +Steven Macdonald 

Every website should have a goal of some kind. A goal can be any desired action you wish your visitor to take.
So a goal could be your visitors...
- Making a purchase (the most obvious example)
- Completing a contact form
- Visiting a particular page or your site, or a particular number of pages
- Downloading a file

The list goes on, but there is an important figure for every one of these goals; conversion rate. How many of your vistors are completing these actions relative to the amount of visitors you are receiving? The higher your conversion rate, the more effective and persuasive your web pages must be in getting users to complete your desired goals.

Check out this article which gives 4 simple, but excellent tips on improve your goal conversion rate!
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Some good tips from +Pamela Vaughan here. Via  
9 Reasons No One Is Reading Your Blog

Whether you are blogging as part of a content marketing strategy, or just about your passion or hobby; the main goal is traffic!
If nobody is reading, what's the point?

Check out this post by +Pamela Vaughan on 9 possible reasons nobody is reading your blog.  Tick all of these off the list and you should start seeing that traffic chart spike!
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Definitely worth a read if you use Facebook ads - And have fallen foul of their dreaded 20% text on images rule.
Facebook's 20% text rule on ad images
Do your Facebook ad's keep being disapproved?

If you have used Facebook Ads at all in the last year, you would have no doubt come across this pretty frustrating scenario.
You are no longer allowed to promote / advertise any kind of image on Facebook that contains more than 20% text (as a part of the image). This is becomes a problem for some as so many companies, LCN included, have text as the crux of their logo.

This means you cannot use your logo (alone) as part of your advert imagery.
There is some logic to this decision by Facebook however, they want to encourage advertisers to use more glossy images of products and services, instead of focussing purely on text - Text of course can be used within the advert body. This makes sense I guess.

However, what really makes the rule frustrating is how Facebook measure what "20 percent" is.
They use the following tool:

Simply upload your image, and if text is in more than five boxes, you are deemed over 20% and your ad will be rejected. And remember, even if a single letter of text encroaches into a box on the grid, you need to count that as one box filled!
So you can have actually very little text on the page and still be over Facebook's 20% rule.

So you have two options...

1) Ignore the rule and post your ad anyway - Facebook's ad approval are notoriously inconsistent and your ad may well get through... at first. More often than not ads are approved and disapproved merely hours later.

2) The best bet, follow the rule stringently and save your time by submitting to our Facebook overlords. It's for the best!

Good luck with your Facebook ad's - When they work, they can be one of the most cost effective ways to market your company online!

Big thanks to +Jon Loomer who inspired this post:
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Interesting experiment by +Mark Traphagen looking into the effects of G+ social engagement on ranking a G+ post.
How to Use Google Authorship & Author Rank for Your Business

UPDATE: Since this post is now ranking high in Google, I want to offer some real content for the search keyword. Those of you arriving here from Google Search, please see for a complete listing of useful articles on using Google Authorship for your business.

Original Post:

So there's this post on Forbes:

And it's the only other post in the top 5 of Google (logged out) search for "google authorship and author rank"

So want to help me in a little Google+ SEO experiment? Just +1 and/or reshare this post (hopefully both). Since it is optimized for the same title, let's see if we can knock Forbes out of the top 5.

UPDATE Scroll down to my comment at 11:18 Eastern on 21 August for the latest results of the experiment. If you want to continue to help, please do so, but *please share your reshare to "Public." I don't think private shares to circles help out much with what I'm trying to do here. Thanks!
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Time for's top Internet marketing links of the week.
#SEO   #InternetMarketing   
Top 10 Internet Marketing Links Of The Week

Every week we will be sharing the top 10 links we have found useful within the realm of social and online marketing. Expect resources, guides, news, funny stuff and more.
If you have seen any great links this week, let us know by posting a comment!

This week...

01: 26 superb examples of agile marketing in action
Via +Econsultancy   

02: 4 Steps to an Effective Facebook Sales Funnel
Via +Jon Loomer  

03: 10 Top Brands Taking Google+ By Storm
Via +Brian Honigman  

04: Find Every Inbound Link To Your Website

05: Top 20 most expensive keywords in Google AdWords
Via +WordStream  

06: 50 One Sentence Tips for Bloggers
Via +Jeff Bullas 

07: Jonathon Fletcher: forgotten father of the search engine
Via +BBC News  

08: 17 Tactics for More Twitter Followers
Via +Peter Bray  

09: The complete guide to working with copywriters
Via +Joel Klettke

And finally: Who Is Contact Us Girl
Via +Hit Reach 

#SEO   #Copywriters   #SearchEngine   #Blogging   #AdWords  
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Nice guide to finding every link to your website. Good for a link audit!
Find Every Inbound Link To Your Website

It sounds like it should be a simple affair - Find what pages and domains are linking to your website? But finding every single active link can be tricky. 

Thanks to recent Google updates, many webmasters are scrambling to complete drawn out link audits in a bid to identify the great links, from the damaging ones they wish to remove. It's a dirty job, but someones gotta do it! Who'd be an SEO?

So we're gonna run down a few tools on how to collate almost every link out there. And how to tidy up that huge list once you got 'em.

Finding links
There are plenty methods to finding links, but not every method will find ALL the links. So we're gonna use a combination of ways to collate as much data as possible.

Webmaster Tools:
The most obvious place to start. You would like to think Google would just show you all the links they have ever come across within your WMT account right? No of course not, that would be far too easy.
Google want you to do some of the work, a common theme.

Get what you can from "Search Traffic" and the "Links to Your Site", then hit the "More >>" button below "Who links the most".
From here you will be presented with a list of domain names that link to your site. You want every link on offer, so hit "Download more sample links".
Save as a CSV file, and there you have your first list.

Majestic SEO Site Explorer:
This a is a great tool to find links and is now free to use on your personal domain, all you need to do is verify your website first by adding some code to your page header, full details on that:

Once verified, you will need to create a report, which is a bit fiddly but you get a whole heap of data for your troubles. Add your full URL, choose the "Advanced Report" type and under "Report Cost" choose "URL". This will get you all the links Majestic can possibly find. From the nav bar choose "My Reports" and click on your URL.
From here look for "Download Options" from the secondary navbar and hit "Download Backlinks" and "Prepare Download". We're nearly there, just go to your "Downloads" page and your report should be waiting for you.

Once you open up your CSV, you should see all the links Majestic could find. Add those to your master list!

Open Site Explorer:
A great tool by +Moz but it does come at a cost. If you do SEO work or Internet Marketing full time for your business however, it's well worth investing in. It's similar to Majestic SEO but a little less complicated.
If you do not have access to Open Site Explorer, you can skip this section.

Start by popping in your full URL in the search bar.... and hit search. Now to filter those results. From the drop down filters select "Show ALL links from ONLY EXTERNAL pages to PAGES ON THIS ROOT DOMAIN and SHOW LINKS UNGROUPED.
Then export those to CSV below the filter button. Once it's ready for download, you can get the CSV from the "Recent CSV Reports" button in the navbar. Add these links to your master list.

Your backlink master list
Now you have a huge CSV file with tonnes of links and probably many duplicates. Not to worry, Excel is your friend here; just use the remove duplicates tool.
Now we need to make sure all these links are active and are not bringing back 404 errors.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider:
Screaming Frog SEO Spider is an amazing (free!) tool which will either spider all the internal links / pages in your own site, or can check over external links that you import. It then reports back all the relevant SEO data such as page title, meta description and page status code. We're gonna use the import function. 

Using Excel, convert your master list from a CSV file to TXT, then open SEO Spider. First select "Mode" from the navbar and choose "List", this will allow us to import a list of URLs. Near the top of the page you can browse your computer for your master file. Once selected just hit "Start" and SEO Spider will begin to analyse every single URL (this may take a while).
Once it's analysed take a look at the status codes. Anything listed as "200" is an active page, so keep that. "404" (page not found) means the page is no longer online so in most cases you can disregard those ones, and 301 means the URL has been permanently re-directed to another page so you may need to check that out manually by visiting the URL.
From SEO Spider you can then use "Advanced Export" to export just the 200 OK responses, and therefore just the active links.

And there you have it. You now have (almost) every single active link pointing at your website in a tidy CSV file, ready for whatever you may need it for :D

#SEO   #WebmasterTools   #LinkAudit   #Backlinks  
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Well worth a read on how the correlations between Google +1's and high rankings in the SERPs are more apparent than ever.
Another excellent post by +Cyrus Shepard here as he looks into some fascinating correlations between Google +1's and higher search rankings.

It has been long known that these social signals from Google+ do play a part in ranking, but it appears the effect could be more significant than first realised!
As if you needed another reason to get on Google+!
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Join in tomorrow at
Join us tomorrow on Twitter for a web design themed ‪#‎LCNquiz‬ - Amazing +Treehouse courses will be up for grabs. Quiz starts at 10am - See you then!
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The Google+ Internet Marketers Address Book
Google+ keeps getting bigger and bigger, and there’s a lot of noise out there!
So that’s why we have created the ultimate marketers address book giving you the Google+ accounts of organisations and people who share great resources.

If you feel we have missed anyone off the list, please comment below and add your own and remember to +tag their account. We'll pick our favourites to add to the main post.

SEO / Search experts
+Moz: SEO and online marketing community and blog
+Search Engine Land: News and information site covering search engine marketing.
+Matt Cutts: Head of Google's Webspam team
+Rand Fishkin: CEO and founder of
+Pete Meyers: Marketing Scientist at and Google algorithm expert
+Barry Schwartz: News Editor at and blogger at
+Emma Still:  SEO Consultant at +SEER Interactive
+Danny Sullivan: Founding Editor of Search Engine Land
+Brett Tabke: Founder of Webmaster World
+John Doherty: SEO Consultant and Head of Distilled NYC

Google+ Experts
+Vic Gundotra: Google Senior Vice President and principle creator of Google+
+martin shervington: Founder of
+Dan McDermott: Head of Google Plus Week
+Google Plus Daily: Your daily source for Google+
+Mark Traphagen: Director of Digital Outreach at +Virante and Google+ Guru
+Max Minzer: Local Search & Digital Marketing Consultant. Created the  #MaxImpact hangout series.

Facebook Experts
+Jon Loomer: Founder of Jon Loomer Digital -
+Mari Smith: Facebook Marketing expert -
+Andrea Vahl: Co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One For Dummies
+Amy Porterfield: Co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One For Dummies
+Brian Carter: Author of Facebook Marketing and The Like Economy
+Jonathon Colman: Content Strategist at Facebook
+Jim Belosic: CEO of

Twitter Experts
+Kristi Hines: Online Marketing blogger -

General Social Media Experts
+Social Media Examiner: The world’s largest online social media magazine
+Kimberly Castleberry: Social Media Marketing & Technology Consultant
+Michael Stelzner: Founder and CEO of Social Media Examiner 
+Elizabeth L Maness: Founder and CEO of

Remember to add your own recommendations!
Thanks -
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