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Baroness Linda Baron
I'm me that's all you need to know.
I'm me that's all you need to know.

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A very lovely and talented man 
Ten Terrible Dinosaurs
A brand new edition of this favourite children's book is being published today in the UK, hooray! 
Published by Random House under their Picture Corgi imprint, ( ISBN 0552572519 ) it's available from all your favourite book stores. Many thanks to the whole team for getting this fresh, shiny new edition out! #DinosaurRoar #dinosaurs #childrensbooks  

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Few of these I didn't know

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This is a school friend of mine. Please share and get her home

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Shrewsbury area can you share please. 

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Home Burgled London area
This is a plea for help from a friend that had their home burgled last week.  Please share with anyone in your circles that lives in or around the area.  
Please share with all your friends. I know it's a long shot but ... all of my MAD4Africa (my Charity) Videos and photos were on my video camera and laptops stolen (in Leyton London) last Friday 7th March. Panasonic SD/HDD SDR H85 or H95 Video camera - Dell Inspiron Laptop and Lenovo Z500/P500. In case someone comes across them for sale in their area. Contact me at Thank you!

#MAD4Africa   #Help   #Burglary   #London  

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I would be honoured if you chose to use a photo of me. Thank you

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ICE (In Case of Emergency) number. Save Ice1, Ice2, Ice3 etc on your mobile with the name of your contact preference, and number followed by * (the * won't confuse the number with one already recorded). eg Ice1 Wife (as the contact), then 01852123456* as the number. Should anything happen to you, then by simply looking for the ICE number will speed things up. Price? FREE ;-) (Spread the word) 

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Brandywine Falls in Ohio

... and it would help out a great cause!

Purchase this or any of my photos and the proceeds go to helping Google+ user +Cecily Cooper and her fight against cancer!  Time is running out.  The campaign ends September 10th! (That's tomorrow!)  For more information on the campaign, follow the #ForCec tag.

If you're interested in a photo that isn't currently listed for sale, please just let me know and I'll make it available.

If nothing else, please share this post with your circles so it gets a wide exposure.  If you've been waiting to do help out, today is the best time to do it!  As always, many thanks to everyone who's been sharing!

That moment when you realise you have the conservatory doors open because its warm.
it's been raining for about an hour or so
Best I go mop the floor in there.
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