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How girls get ready! Here's my new comedy video on how girls get ready for a date, prom or other special occasions. Or maybe it is just me?! Do you guys do these things too? Hope you enjoy this realistic get ready with me!

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How to sneak toys in class! DIY slime, squishy school supplies and pranks! Sara and Katie are back and this time they are sneaking toys in class! These DIY school supplies are inspired by your favorite toys – slime, squishies, plush animals and many others. They are so much fun, satisfying and very easy to make! Remember this is a COMEDY video guys and it's made only for your entertainment. If you decide to make these cool toys inspired DIY school supplies, I only recommend them using during breaks. While in the classroom, do your best to stay focused and learn as much as possible :) Remember that school is a privilege and you should be grateful to learn so much every day. This is just a little goofy video to make you laugh haha ;) Also have you seen the BLOOPIES?! Auch! They are hilarious :) Love you <3

#School #Toys #BacktoSchool #Slime #Squishy #Fun #Comedy #PretendPlay #Play

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DIY school supplies! I've been doing yearly DIY back to school videos for four years already! The time flies! In this one you will find 10 epic DIYs – form amazing DIY notebooks (including a DIY unicorn notebook!!!), pencil case, pencil stand, school bag and a couple more funny DIYs that are perfect for school pranks as well. No need for expensive back to school shopping and haul this year – you can make the best school supplies yourself and save some money along the way!

#DIY #School #BacktoSchool #DIYSchoolSupplies #SchoolHacks #Pranks #Hacks #Howto #Easy #Crafts #DIYCrafts

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It's back to school season! YAY! I know some of you don't start school until September but I think it's the perfect time to have some fun with entertaining back to school videos. Since you guys LOVED the first episode of my Sneak Candy videos I decided to film a new one! Here I show you 20 weird ways to sneak food and candy to class! These DIY edible school supplies are so creative, unique and fun. We'll be sneaking gummy worms, skittles, coca cola, oreos, jelly beans, nerd drops, candy belts, gum belts gold fish, pretzels and so many other goodies to school! These Edible school supplies are perfect to prank your teachers and schoolmates haha. But don't forget this video is mainly made for entertaining purposes, so take it with a grain of salt. School is very important so stay focused on the lectures during classes. If you really feel a bit hungry, a helathy snack like unsalted nuts and seeds are a great option. Thanks for watching my loves! XOXO, Sara

#DIY #HowTo #Food #BacktoSchool #School #DIYSchoolSupplies #SchoolSupplies #SneakFood #SneakCandy #Candy #Pranks #Funny

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DIY Room decor and Room organization ideas! In this room makeover video I show 10 easy DIY room decor ideas. These room crafts and DIY projects will transform your room into a colorful explosion of fun and are perfect for girls, boys, teenagers and kids. All of them are so quick and easy to make, super affordable but turn out stunning. I show you how to make the most cozy DIY Giant pillow from scratch, an extreme chair makeover, emoji grass pots, fluffy cloud rugs, monster picture frame, stone cacti and much more! Hope you'll try some of this ideas out! Thanks for watching and I wish you the most amazing summer!

#Diy #RoomDecor #HowTo #Decorations #RoomDecorating #DIYProjects #DIYCrafts

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Although summer vacation is not too far away, I decided to make a BACK TO SCHOOL video! You guys loved the How to sneak candy to school, so I had to film a new episode. Learn over 15 funny ways to sneak MAKEUP in class. These are DIY makeup school supplies – DIY school supplies filled with lots of makeup goodies. These are perfect for all the makeup lovers and lovers of funny back to school pranks ;) Hope you enjoy this funny video a lot and don't take it too seriously! School is important so make sure to learn a lot <3 Love you beauties :)

#HowTo #DIY #School #BackToSchool #SchoolHacks #LifeHacks

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In this video I show 12 Hair Hacks with DIY hair accessories to make styling your hair easier and faster.

#DIY #Hair #Howto #HairHacks #Hairstyles #HairTutorial

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Hurray! for a new MORNING ROUTINE life hacks video! You guys always love these and I do too :D This morning routine includes over 25 life hacks and DIYs that will help you get ready fast for back to school or work. DIY Clothes, Hair & Makeup hacks, Healthy recipes, DIY Shoes and so much more. Starting your morning in a positive way leads to a happy day ahead. I am sure that these tricks will help you make your mornings relaxed and stress free ;) Thank you so much for watching – I appreciate every single one of you. Sending a big virtual hug your way <3 I love you cuties!

#DIY #MorningRoutine #Howto #WakeUp #Tips #Hacks #LifeHacks

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DIY Food Hacks for Kids and for Back to School! How to make your life easier with more than 20 delicious food life hacks.

#DIY #FOOD #Hacks #Howto

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School is in full swing again after the Christmas holidays so I decided to make a BACK TO SCHOOL video! Learn over 15 funny ways to sneak candy in class. We're basically making DIY edible school supplies – DIY school supplies filled with lots of delicious candy. These are perfect Back to school pranks to trick your schoolmates and teachers! Hope you enjoy this funny video a lot and let me know what videos do you want to see next :) Love you my babies! <3

#diy #howto #School #Pranks #Edible #SchoolSupplies #PrankVideo #DiySchoolSupplies
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