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Mike Smith
Those of you who follow me..know what motivates me...:)
Those of you who follow me..know what motivates me...:)

Will be posting comical police report against me.
They have trapped themselves.
We have video showing the officers are lying.
Now they will pay the piper.
The city has been notified, and lawsuits are following.

After bar-tending I will post the police report tonight.

I am representing myself, as if you want something done it yourself.

I look forward to questioning the liars on the stand under oath.

I do not hate cops, in fact some I call my friends.

But I do hate injustice, abuse of office and violation of the public trust.

I look forward to what comes next.

I will not release my evidence until 30 days before trial as required by law.

I will not share what I have yet.....yet.

But rest assured, they have backed themselves into a corner they can not escape.

Sometimes, the good win.

Regardless of the resources and number gathered against them.
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It was not an ID was a cop watchers lake Tahoe "Anti Porcus" Film the police rights card!
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Originally shared by ****
Never ///  #libertarian
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Nancy, Tom,

Thanks for the documents.
I require my profile the police department has as well and any other documents held and not shared. I am familiar with what
is available and have on my family as it clearly shows are in the reports. From Danny and David to Nina and Jess and and can see much was left out. I want the withheld police descriptions of my family.
I am requesting full disclosure of supposed evidence in the reports filed against me off camera and without arrest yet still filed slandering my name and accusing me of crimes for filming the police. I have film already posted to YOUTUBE showing your officers came six deep without a word said to the officer who lied in his report. He did not like being filmed and called back up who came five more units deep and threatened and intimidated me until I declared it was streaming lie to the web! They ARE LIARS. I do not care when TOM says no direct insults. They challenge my character saying I have done something wrong when they threaten me for filming without cause. This shows a clear pattern leading up to the State-line incident. They are clear section 1983 violations and will be addressed with the Chiefs violation and your officers repeated violations of my family and my rights under the color of law.
I demand the audio and video from the non charged cases the DA decided to not file. I will begin to share everything in the public media and hold your officers to the public eye regardless of the city and its conduct.

I am outraged by the things in these reports and that the chief allowed this retaliation and abuse of authority to happen even after we asked for help. We were driven out of SLT into the unincorporated area by your corrupt SLTPD.
It is illegal to file false police reports and false charges as well as to file false police reports to cover your illegal actions as your officers have done.
My very public complaints vs your officers secret reports will be the solid evidence to hold the city and SLTPD accountable.
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