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Lisa of Fresh Eggs Daily
Raising Happy Healthy Chickens...Naturally
Raising Happy Healthy Chickens...Naturally

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Tidbitting - What It Is and Why Chickens Do It
Have you ever noticed a mother hen cluck in a series of high-pitched notes while she's scratching in the dirt and then drop something onto the ground? She's doing what is known as "tidbitting". According to Australian researchers  Prof. Chris Evans and Dr. ...

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Take a Peek at our Week - July 9th - 15th
This was a busy week for us! In between playing with our new baby chicks (see last week's post!), the film crew to shoot another episode for my TV show. Season two will start in September, so stay tuned for details about that. I also have been working on my...

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When Can I Move my Chicks to the Brooder from the Incubator?
After waiting patiently for three long weeks for your eggs to hatch, it's hard to wait a minute more to move your newly hatched chicks to the brooder you have set up for them, but it really is best for them to just leave them right where they are - in the i...

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Take a Peek at Our Week - July 2nd to 8th
Our gardens look gorgeous, the flowers out front are blooming, we're collecting eggs by the basketful and our dogs are their usual irresistible selves. But I know what you're waiting for....BABY CHICK PICS!!!! So without further ado, take a peek at our week...

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Take a Peek at our Week - June 25 - July 1st
Where in the world did June go? It seems like it just flew by. Hard to believe it's July already. Our garden is producing radishes faster than we can eat them (or feed them to the chickens!) and our tomatoes, peppers and potatoes have tiny blooms on them. T...

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Water Belly or Ascites in Backyard Chicken Flocks
Ascites, or "water belly" as it's more commonly called, isn't a terribly frequent occurrence in backyard flocks, since it tends to be more prevalent in fast-growing broilers or meat birds, but if you notice your chicken's abdomen is swollen and distended, i...

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Take a Peek at my Week - June 18th - 24th
This week was a typical week here in Maine. A few thunderstorms and some rain, and then nice cool temps at night (great sleeping weather!). Our garden is growing like gangbusters, the chickens are happily laying eggs, and we've got eggs under a broody hen t...

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My Trip to Texas A&M and a Crash Course in Black Soldier Fly Larvae
I have corresponded with faculty at the Texas A&M poultry science department in the past, but it was a bit of a surprise to be invited several weeks ago to travel to College Station, Texas, to meet with Jeff Tomberlin who is with the Entomology Department t...

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Take a Peek at My Week - June 11th - 17th
It was nice to be home all week this week, despite the three-day heatwave that held Maine (and most of the rest of the country) in its grip. But everyone made it through - without air conditioning! - and life went on. It's amazing what a difference just a w...

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The Five Best Summertime Treats for Chickens
Chickens struggle as the mercury rises, but with these cooling, water-laden treats, you can help them get through the hot weather more comfortably. Like most animals, they handle the cold far better than heat, and heat exhaustion is a very real thing in bac...
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