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Michael Griego
I run a blog that nobody reads.
I run a blog that nobody reads.

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My Mushy Musings of 2013
Hey all yous peoples! Instead of a specific post about birds, I'd like to reflect on some of the memories, experiences, and interactions that have made this year so special. 2013 has been the best year of my life so far, and here's why. As the year kicked o...

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Lol you still can't fly
Hahaha. Damn  baby Albatross, you scary. Next up on my series of crushing your dreams of flying- wings ! If you have wings and are not an insect, life is good... (unless you're a flightless bird, in which case you're just a glorified chicken nugget. ) Wing ...

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Why taping cardboard to your arms won't help you fly.
Flight is pretty cool. Birds can do it. Planes can do it. And so can you! The reason birds and planes can fly (we won't talk about insects or missiles, those require slightly different models to explain) is due the properties of fluid dynamics known as lift...

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Fight For Flight- Struggle For A Godwit
Whoa-oh-oh she's a lady! The
 Saemangeum wetlands of South Korea are steadily being drained as the
construction of a 33 km seawall has come to completion. What was once an
estuary, is no longer a vital habitat of biodiversity nestled in the Yellow
Sea. Here...

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A Life On The Wind
Mmm. Sensual.            In oceanic regions, a key variable of climate change is wind
intensity and direction. During the Southern Annular Mode, atmospheric pressure
variability shifts westerlies poleward and increases their intensities. Henri
Weimerskirch ...
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