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Patent 6630507: Exposing the Truth and Impact to the Pot Industry

WASHINGTON, DC – Having a patent under your name means owning an intellectual property set upon the grounds and regulations of the agency governing it.
Not all people are familiar and well-versed with the scopes of patents, this is why it is easier for some to spread misinformation regarding the importance of one patent and its general use.
This is what happened when Patent no. 6630507 trended and had been shared in multiple social media accounts with different claimants, representations, and explanations on exactly it is all about.
Some are urging the government to use the scope of the patent as a basis in legalizing the use of pot in the states. Others who understand the scope of the patent called those in the government who are still against the promulgation of marijuana legalization in some states as hypocrites.

For the many who are still baffled on the scope of the famed Patent No. 6630507 were referred to the US Department of Health and Human Services. According to the scope of the intellectual property given to the said department on 2003, this patent covers the potential use of the chemical compounds that can be found in the cannabis plant. It also includes the study on cannabis and its possibilities to protect the brain from damage or degeneration due to some diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Cirrhosis.
Although they aim only to use the non-psychoactive cannabinoids component, critics are still fast to point out that if the government doesn’t believe in the potentials of marijuana as a natural medicine, why do they patent cannabis the way the scope defined it?
Sam Mendez, a public policy lawyer and currently serving as the Executive Director of the University of Washington’s Cannabis Law and Policy Project, stated that it was clearly indicated in the Federal Law that cannabis has no accepted medical use. If that's the case, the government seemed to be hypocritical for owning a patent that contradicts the perception of the Federal Law.
So the question now lies on what could be the possible impact of the patent no. 6630507 to the pot industry? In many aspects, since the government owns all the legal rights in testing and experimenting cannabis for medical uses, other private companies can only rely on the results provided by the government. They can’t conduct their private experimentation if it goes beyond the legal boundaries of the patent owned by the government.
Marijuana advocates also stressed out that if the government applied and legally owned the patent about medical marijuana, they should have the decency to use this as a basis of the medical benefits, and as a factor in extending the criminal boundaries of marijuana. This can be a good reason for finally implementing legalization of cannabis not just in some states but all throughout the US.
Most of the states that legalized marijuana accepted the usage of the plant for recreational purposes only and subject to some prohibitions and regulations. With this patent, they should extend the usage for medical purposes as well. #marijuanaasmedicine #marijuanalegalization #marijuanatesting #medicinemarijuana #patent66306507

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Marijuana Bill Approved in the Reno Senate Awaiting to Be a Law

RENO, NV – The state of Nevada has been studying a bill for blood-test/pot bill that will impose a change in the method of testing pot for DUI. This bill changes the current way of screening apprehended DUI for marijuana usage. Instead of the traditional urine testing, this bill suggests that blood sample is collected for pot testing to yield more accurate results.
According to Steve Yeager, the bill sponsor who is also a Judiciary Assembly Committee Chair, they have reviewed the current methods of testing, and it seems that urine testing can only tell you if the user ingested marijuana in the past but not on the day of the arrest or the time when testing is done.
Although blood testing can’t be considered a perfect science, as determining marijuana in the blood is more complicated than alcohol impairment, Yeager feels that this bill “is a step in the right direction.”
However, according to the study conducted by the American Automobile Association (AAA), the largest auto club in the nation, blood testing threshold for marijuana impairment is impossible to set since there is no tool in science to gauge the level when the drivers become high after consuming THC.

This is a reasonable concern since marijuana is considered legal in the state of Nevada as a recreational drug for people ages 21 and above. With the legalization of pot in the state, it would be hard to penalize apprehended DUIs positive with pot as the testing would not test the level of highness or intoxication in an individual.
Yeager, however, rebuts that the approved level of recreation marijuana in the state is low, which is two nanograms of active THC. Any amount going higher than that in your blood can get you in trouble, enough gauges for the level of allowable usage for pot.
This method of testing is already in effect for the majority of the state, with the state Senate giving this bill a final approval just this week. It is up to Governor Brian Sandoval to finally seal the deal on creating this bill into a full blown law. #billintolaw #bloodtestingbill #bloodtestingmethod #marijuanatestingbill #potbill

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Las Vegas Opens Market for the Selling of Cannabis

LAS VEGAS, NV – The state of Nevada finally legalized selling of marijuana. Tourism is projected to overflow once the sale starts this July 1st. The year 2016 has been a huge turnaround for marijuana advocates in the state. They have fought for the legalization of marijuana since studies have shown rich implications to cure some diseases.
It was only November last year when a ruling of 54.4 percent voted for the legalization of cannabis over the 45.4 percent who opposed was finally released. The marijuana supporters rejoiced when pots have been legally approved in the state. However, it is subjected to some terms and conditions.
Marijuana has been categorized as a recreational tool. The legalization has paved new directions in some bill developments such as the civil rights aspect and blood-testing or pot bill.
With everything seemed to be in perfect order, a lot of doors are expected to open up as the sale of cannabis is expected to blow up on the day it can legally be distributed. It would also mean a huge tourism turnaround in Nevada. Tourists from all around the world will surely not miss the chance to finally purchase something that has been long considered illegal and a criminal offense.

Residents and business owners in Las Vegas are all excited in the positive implications of the July 1st opening. They are sure that their city will draw a lot of attention from numerous tourists. This would mean gaining higher sales revenue from them and a shorter return on investments for business owners.
According to one local there, he thinks that Las Vegas “has a great potential, it has been known as the sin city and what better way to have fun than to have a little cannabis on the side.”
With the expected skyrocketing revenue, the government of Nevada should put the creation of the perfect concoction into high consideration. This is to make the taxes and distribution mechanism all fit in perfect order. Proper taxation should be regulated to avoid mishap, and right distribution of the funds can be attained. #decriminalizationofpot #hugemarketrevenue #lasvegasopenmarketsaleofpot #legalizationofmarijuana #tourismgrowthinlasvegas

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Huge Cannabis Festival Being Brewed in San Jose Fairgrounds

SAN JOSE, CA – This year will be the busiest year for marijuana. As reported, some states in the US have legalized marijuana late last year up to the early months of this year. People took this reason to celebrate it by planning festivals to commemorate the legalization.
In the greater California in the Del Mar Fairgrounds, a contract has been approved and signed to host a cannabis festival in California. The Del Mar Fairgrounds is the largest in the San Diego County. This festival will be the first festival to be organized in the celebration of the legalization of pot in California.
According to sources, estimates of 6,000 people are expected to attend the September 23 event. The projected attendees vary in culture - not all are pot enthusiasts, some even have not used pot at all.
Regardless, they will attend to celebrate with others and have fun. Because of this, the organizers decided to name the event, the Goodlife Festival.

The organizers of the Goodlife Festival said that they wish to attract people. It is not to encourage them to use pot but to show them how to have fun and live a good life. This event also commemorates the 4th of July among marijuana users and enthusiasts.
Although everyone is invited to join, the attendance will be limited to ages 21 and above. They will also impose rules and regulations to adhere to the government-mandated policies enclosed in the legalization of marijuana act.
Another restriction that will be heavily imposed is the selling of marijuana during the event. Organizers pointed out that “no sale, sampling or gifting of pot will be allowed.” If they want to smoke a joiner, they can bring their own and be used in some designated areas.
However, cannabidiol and hemp will be allowed to be sold in the event. Cannabidiol and hemp are a weaker substitute for cannabis that lacks tetrahydrocannabinol. This substance is a psychoactive element present in regular marijuana and the object of desire of most pot users.
This is the new dawn, and this festival has been what people are waiting for to have fun and enjoy a good life. #cannabisevent #celebrationofmarijuana #delmarfairgrounds #marijuanafestival #thegoodlifefestival

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You Can Still Change Even If You Used Marijuana Before in Boston

BOSTON, MA - As a child, Kyle Gathers thought it was normal to hang around and do drugs in the shabby park areas in Dorchester, Boston. This was because he was used to seeing his uncles and cousins do so and was never reprimanded for doing it.
As he got older, he got used to the streets and became "street smart." As a teenager, he got tough, cool and smart. He thought of ways to survive, and one of them was to help deal drugs. The money that he receives would often go to his mother and pay the bills.
Ever since some of his relatives were involved in a federal drug raid, he felt powerful. This started when he was nine years old. He thought he was some kind of a celebrity. He thought that people either loved him because of his family's reputation or they were scared of him.
Gathers was considered to be a seasoned drug dealer and a very prominent gang member in their local area. He had been convicted of extortion, selling illegal drugs and shootings for roughly ten years, including two years in solitary confinement.

At 13, his little sister was shot. Luckily, she survived. However, misfortune had befallen him when his younger was also shot down at the age of 22 years old.
This was the realization for him that he needed to change his life completely or else he'll die to try. He is also concerned for the welfare of his ten-year-old son. Once he was done in prison, he enrolled in a program named College Bound Dorchester and enrolled in a school.
On May 13, he became the student speaker for the commencement exercises at his graduation at Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology in Boston. He graduated with full marks, magna cum laude, which specializes in air-conditioning, ventilation and heating technology.
Gathers regrets what he did but concentrates on his future that he’s 31. He now knows that there is still hope even if you thought you didn't have any potential. One of his mantras in life is to "Believe in one's self." He never has thought to experience this moment and is very amazed that he is still alive. #believeinonesself #boston #federaldrugraid #heatingtechnology #solitaryconfinement

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Seattle Police District Cop Slash Marijuana Dealer Got Caught

SEATTLE, WA – A police officer from the Seattle Police District has been found to have been exporting cannabis via his RV to the east coast. A real life re-enactment of the film “We are the Millers” had occurred when SPD officer Alex Chapackdee was caught with an RV full of marijuana.
Chapackdee, who has been with the service for 16 years, was arrested on April 29 and put immediately on administrative leave without pay following his arrest.
According to the investigation reports, the FBI has been monitoring the actions of Chapackdee since they were tipped off about the police officer’s drug involvement. The FBI has been tracking the trips Chapackdee made to and from Seattle and checking the details of each trip.
After confirming that Chapackdee was indeed involved in the distribution of drugs on the East Coast, investigators filed and was approved a search warrant to search the cop’s home and the alleged RV used in transferring the drugs.

The FBI seized 184-pounds of pot inside the RV stating in the reports that this is all that’s left after the cop dropped off delivery to his alleged customers in Maryland and Virginia.
Chapackdee will face charges, together with his brother-in-law, nephew, and a fourth man namely, Tuan Van Le, Phi Nguyen, and Samath Khanhphongphane, respectively. The FBI also said that the cop has been using his position to further his career as a drug-smuggler and in other criminal activities.
Reports gathered from court documents revealed that Chapackdee gets a staggering $15,000 for every successful delivery of marijuana in Baltimore. The surveillance reports conducted by the FBI also shows that he successfully made four trips; with each trip taking only a couple of days to complete. He only stops for gas and food because he can’t let his precious cargo be left unattended for extended periods of time.
Chapackdee is facing a mandatory minimum of five years in prison if found guilty. Meanwhile, SPD Chief Kathleen O’Toole expressed disappointment and disgrace over the conduct of one of her police officers and said during an interview that what happened proves that they don’t, and won’t, tolerate corrupt cops. #copinvolvedindrugs #illegaldrugexportation #illegalexportation #potexportation #roguecop

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Scottsdale Drug Trafficker Identified by Contest Registration Form

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - A drug dealer was arrested because of robbing a store. He didn’t know that a simple robbery and a contest ticket registration form would lead to his arrest. Also, all his criminal drug activities have been found out.
When James Michael Leow, together with a woman, walked out from the TJ Maxx Store near Miller and Camelback Roads, an employee of the store confronted him of allegedly stealing some items inside the warehouse. Leow answered the confrontation with a pointed handgun towards the poor employee.
The employee backed off due to fear and saw that Leow and the woman rode a black Honda Civic and left. During the investigation, the officers get a hold of the store’s surveillance camera. They found out that the woman with Leow signed up a contest registration form before leaving the area.
The police retrieved the contest form, and from there they were able to learn the name of the woman. They tried to trace the woman first in her social media account, and after careful investigation, they were able to identify the suspect.

They also saw the gun Leow pointed to the employee as he brags it in his social media account. From thereon, Scottsdale Police Officer followed a tail on Leow. That’s where they found out that he is also involved in series of drug trafficking, particularly in illegal marijuana distribution in the city.
When Leow strikes again at a Marshall Store near the Camelback Road and the 18th street, the police didn’t waste any more time. They wanted to arrest Leow red handed, so the police staged up a fraudulent transaction. When Leow showed up, the police arrested him with meth, cocaine, pot, and heroin on hand.
Leow was seized and put into prison with a release bond amounting to $125,000. He was filed numerous charges for robbery and drug trafficking. He was also charged with weapons misconduct for using his gun illegally and for robbing a store and threatening someone. However, the most serious charge that the police officer filed against him is his possession of drugs with the intention of selling. #buybustoperation #drugandrobbery #drugtrafficker #misconductoffirearm #stageddrugtransaction

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San Diego Sniffing Dogs Revealed Illegal Pots During an Inspection

SAN DIEGO, CA – Drug-sniffing dogs have become a major key contributor in apprehending drug traffickers entering and exiting every state and country. They have become an essential tool in making the war on drugs a success without actually touching a suspected person.
Just recently in the second busiest crossing, Otay Mesa Port of Entry, a certain Luis Robert Revilla was apprehended as he was stopped over for inspection. He was driving his green Honda Accord.
According to reports, when Revilla, a US citizen, turned into booth no. 4 of an initial inspection, an officer from the Customs and Border Protection slapped the Accord’s rear quarter panel. On both occasions, the sides didn’t sound right, so they grew suspicious of Revilla and the contents of his car. It seemed to them that the sides of the car have hollows because of the sound it creates when slapped or tapped.
Another thing that made their suspicions stronger that Revilla might be hiding something was that the interior panel of the car doesn’t fit as tight as it should be. It was as if someone did a lazy job of removing it and putting it back.

With their doubts growing more than ever, another officer ran the car through an X-ray machine. They found something suspicious on the passenger’s side. Alas, a drug-sniffing dog was brought out to the scene. After the dog had circled the car, it gave the signal that made the officers sure that the car is positive of illegal drugs.
The officer found a total of 52 pounds of pot inside the car. Eighteen packages of cannabis were pulled out of the car concealed in the quarter panels. They also found some marijuana in the trunk of the car. Revilla was apprehended and detained for questioning.
The Customs and Border Protection officer said that a similar situation happens most of the time so an officer’s keen sense of observation should be well-enhanced. When in doubt, always double check to make sure no illegal things, or even person, can enter a country. Thanks to the drug-sniffing dogs, their job has become a bit easier. #borderprotection #customsandborderprotection #illegaldrugsniffingdogs #illegaldrugs #marijuana

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Safer Arizona Continues Saga for Marijuana Legalization in Phoenix

PHOENIX, AZ – With over half of the fifty states in the US already legalized and decriminalized the possession and usage of marijuana, some still continue to fight for the passing of a bill that will make marijuana use “less” illegal. They urge for the removal of marijuana possession and usage in the list of criminal acts punishable by law.
Arizona is one of the states in the US that remained hesitant in embracing the legalization of marijuana. This paved the way for a group of people called Safer Arizona to act, spread awareness and invoke their advocacies to other people about the benefits of cannabis in both personal and economic status.
The fight for marijuana legalization by Safer Arizona has picked the curiosity of some, but others don’t seem triumphal with what they are representing. Other people who have the same interest in making marijuana legal contradict Safer Arizona as they think that the group can’t influence the decision of the state.
They think that instead of helping, the group can hinder the progress that pro-marijuana advocates have inculcated in the outcome whether to legalize marijuana or not. This is because of split opinions among members.

However, the chairman and spokesperson for Safer Arizona, David Wisniewski, is quick to point out that no split among members has occurred. Furthermore, it was claimed that they remain as stronger and intact in fighting for their cause. He also said that some articles that spread about the conflict among group followers are unfair and unreliable as they are all fighting for the same cause.
Wisniewski also mentioned that instead of splitting, they are gaining followers and supporters from different areas. In the video he posted on Facebook, he made a statement to rebut the articles that circulated about the misunderstanding. He debunked the rumors that they are getting supports from certification centers, smoke shops, Periphery Company, and dispensaries.
The Safer Arizona chairman also urged the people who support the legalization act to stop creating “us VS them” since they are all in the same boat and fighting the same cause. The post gained mixed reactions from different personalities. Some are commenting that unification is the key to making their advocacies more powerful and louder to hear.
As long as their voice remained unheard by the state, Safer Arizona’s fight for marijuana legalization continues. #decriminalizationact #legalizationofmarijuana #saferarizonaadvocacies #saferarizonariftsamongmembers #saferarizonasplit

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Quick Look at the News: Cannabis in the Big Apple, New York

NEW YORK- On May 13, 2017, two major news stories had a huge impact about marijuana in New York City. First on the list is President Donald Trump's concentrated effort on people who uses small-time prohibited drug use such as marijuana. The previous law of New York City states that you'll only get a police ticket when you're captured with the use or possession of minute amounts of cannabis.
But now, USA Attorney-General Jeff Sessions mentioned that the drug law is stricter in the national level. If one can be found guilty, they can be prosecuted at the maximum level. This is the opposite of what the Obama administration adhered, where they emphasized more on violent drug crimes rather than the passive ones.
Just a quick reminder for those who does not know, only eight states are allowed to use marijuana for recreational purposes. On the other hand, 20 states permit the usage of marijuana for medical use only. In the federal level, marijuana practice is prohibited. This means that the people in uniform would have to be active in checking for anyone that uses or possesses marijuana, even the small-time users.
It's no wonder that a Long Island resident and School Board Member was caught and arrested for marijuana possession. Melissa Figueroa, which is currently a school board member, is applying as a candidate for the re-election next Tuesday. She is said to be competing with two other candidates for the same position.

Ms. Figueroa is a part of the Hempstead school board. This incident was reported last Thursday night, after a board meeting that took place two hours before. While driving in Lynbrook, Ms. Figueroa was seen violating a driving rule which was driving without a seat belt. She was flagged down by a police officer, and the smell of the marijuana made the officer investigate further.
Upon a thorough search, they found a recently smoked marijuana cigarette. She is currently being charged with "unlawful marijuana possession." The woman, however, vehemently declines it was her and states it was a setup. For now, her court due date is on June 15. #cannabis #presidentdonaldtrump #recreationalpurposes #schoolboardmember #unlawfulmarijuanapossession
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