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✔ Verified by Google+ to be a bona fide turtle and part of the Google+ Grammar Police
✔ Verified by Google+ to be a bona fide turtle and part of the Google+ Grammar Police


New Computer - Mac or PC?

My computer is puttering out and near its final months. It's done its job for nearly six years, but soon it'll be time to send it to laptop heaven and replace it with a new bouncing baby laptop.

That being said, I need your opinions folks. I'm contemplating switching from a PC-based system to a Mac-based system. Those of you who have had both, I would greatly appreciate your opinions on pros and cons of one or the other. I'm basically bringing up the age-old question:

Mac or PC?
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So I just saw that +Em Wells liked one of my posts from a while back. Why do I say this? Because I realize how much I truly miss hanging out with people on G+.

Hopefully during my semester break I'll be able to hang out and hopefully my old hangout family (+Christopher Lira, +Raleigh Burke, +John Fanavans, +Peter G McDermott, +Stacy Frazer, +Cliff Roth, +Amanda Blain, and many, many more) will take me back in.

I'm sorry I've been gone for so long.
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Bye-bye Blackberry

Hello Android!

I'm getting the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the mail on Thursday. I've had a Blackberry for about five years now. I don't know what made me make the change, but I did.

So, three questions:

1) For those of you who have made the switch from your Crackberry to Android-based phones - any likes/dislikes? Any tips or tricks for switching over?

2) For those who have Android-based phones - what apps are essential for your day-to-day usage of your phone? What tips or tricks do you have?

3) For those of you who have the Galaxy S3 already - what's been your experience like so far?

I'd greatly appreciate everyone's comments!
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No, really, it is. My limited edition +Plus One Collection photography book hath arrived. I haven't had a chance to take a hard look at it (I have to leave for work in a few minutes), but from first glances I think the book and I will get along nicely.

Saturday, I'll have a semi-staged unboxing of the book (however, I don't think I can beat +Kerry Murphy's photo where it's already on her coffee table as a conversation starter).

Thanks to +Ivan Makarov, et al. for all your hard work in putting this phenomenal project together.

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Phenomenal Play

I love anything with Martin Sheen in it and it exceeded my expectations.

Please watch and share.
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This is pretty AMAZING. Everything this guy does is phenomenal in my opinion.

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You can thank me later!
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It's late at night and I haven't done this in a while.

Give me your best 4-word phrase...

and GO!
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Remember kids: "Make it a great day or not, that choice is yours!"
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