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This is one of the pictures from my Zombie Christmas Card Kickstarter

Post has attachment Brand new Mallville written, drawn and inspired by the life of Joao Valago. Be sure and check out his awesome webcomic Cereals For Lunch!!

Post has attachment Super-sized New Mallville with Sex, Drugs and Finnish palindromes!

Post has attachment  There is an exciting ATOMIC VISION panel in this ALL NEW MALLVILLE! Roll your cursor over the last panel to use your simulated atomic vision. If you're viewing on your phone I was able to tap on the panel to make it reveal the secret message. 

Post has attachment  Today's all-new comic reveals the secret link between Mallville and Hogwarts! (besides making their creators fabulously wealthy)

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X-ray vision! Cheerleaders! This one has it all!!! New Mallville is up, up and a way! #webcomics

Post has attachment Sorry for the delay but this week's mighty Mallville is up and filled with sey chocolate pudding talk!

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New Mallville! Romance! Death! Toasted Marshmallows! It's s'more than you could ask for! 

Post has attachment New Mallville Rules the mystery deepens!  
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