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Ronald Poell
Desire a self driving car and other smart companions (male, female and undefined)
Desire a self driving car and other smart companions (male, female and undefined)


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I almost finished another dataset to add to my "Personal Big Data".
(see for a previous state.

This last part are 2.000.000+ GPS data points of my movements on Earth collected since August 2008.

The other things in the archive:
16.000+ documents (some 26.000 pages - estimated)
45.000+ images
25.000+ emails (estimated)
6.000+ chat messages (estimated)

It's time to let Gaia crunch all this (see and further).

My expectations are that some 25 thousand higher order facts about my life so far can be extracted.
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Mixed feelings.
Google has been granted a patent on fact extraction very similar to what I've been working and writing on for two decades.
Having that patent now makes it harder to do the same thing by someone else.

A few links to show the above:

Blog in 2013:

Annotated book 2013 (with extracted facts and graphs):

Answering machine in Second Life and Information Extraction from Unstructured Sources - SneGate (2009 I think):

The elements illustrated in the links are part of the patent.

I'm glad that they are heading in the right direction, but sad that, again, I'm not really acknowledged for my work and ideas.
Google was granted a patent for extracting facts to a fact repository to use to answer queries with. #SemanticWeb #TriplesofData
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Seen today in Sliema, Malta.
Edit: Artist MTO ( Thanks +Patti N for the info.

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This talk resonates in harmony with own take on science and education.
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I've finally found the time to finish the clip of my 60th birthday.
It is a great thank you to all the people I've met during these years: they have all been actors in becoming the one I'm now.
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From Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras and Epicurus (4th century BC) through the 'De rerum natura' (On the Nature of Things, 1st century BC.) up into the Renaissance humanism, the notion of Omniscience made sense: it was possible (to some extend and in the light of the epoch) to know everything that is known.
Followed a period of ever growing specialism, boxing science disciplines in very narrow silo's, often deprived of interdisciplinary coherence.
And then ... came the Internet with an ever growing pool of accessible knowledge inducing deep changes in the way we know and remember things.
And as everything on The Net is true …

During the interactive workshop "Breaking Boundaries" it will become clear that the scientific silo's carefully constructed in the past centuries are to be demolished (the silo's not the content) in the light of the Maltese prehistoric Temple Builder Society.

For those who are in Malta that day it will be my pleasure to interact with you during this event.

The outcome of the workshop will be published in the Research Gate project
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I updated the "Maltese Language Learning Aid" ( with new functions and extended the lexicon:
- a "previous" function
- quickly turn on and off the display of the English text
- improved the loading speed (it has now Google's green flags)
- added some special grammar links like for ma' (with)
- added a 7th level containing infrequently used homonyms
- 350+ phrases
- 2600+ words

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I updated the Maltese Language Learning Aid app.
- It loads even faster now.
- The available words and phrases have been extended.
- A few small improvements.

If you browser is speech-to-text enabled (mainly Chrome on desktop and Android), you can do search by voice on the English terms.

This project started as a private tool to help me learning Maltese. And I can imagine others might find it useful too.
If that is the case for you, like it is for me, or you just appreciate the effort to stimulate the learning of Maltese (and potentially any other language in a similar way), give me a hint .


If you want to support financially the effort, you can donate bitcoins at:

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Added a voice search function to the Maltese learning aid app.
Voice search is possible in English and available in browsers that support the Speech API (Chrome on desktop and Android essentially).

Have fun.
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When I moved to Malta I wanted to learn the Maltese language. To help me with that I made a small web-based application.
As it might be useful for other people who want to learn Maltese, I made it available online.

The features:
- powerful search in the lexicon (dictionary) in type-ahead.
- links to other grammatically linked concepts and example phrases
- images and spoken text available for some (more to come)
- possibility to limit display and search to Maltese language only
- five levels
- mobile friendly
- random selection of words or sentences

I'm currently working on the lexicon (and at the same time learning Maltese).

Available at:

The pictures give you an idea of what to expect.
Feedback is always welcome.
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