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Kristi Neace
Kristi Neace - Christian Speaker/Author/Police Wife
Kristi Neace - Christian Speaker/Author/Police Wife

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One Unforgettable Visit to Our Nation's Capitol
It doesn't take much to excite me.  I love surprises.  I love visiting historical spots.  I love talking to my Lord.  I love our nation.  So, last week's adventure to our nation's Capitol was thrilling to say the least! Last Tuesday, Rick and I boarded a pl...

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What is Truth?
I am simply amazed by the lack of truth in today's society. We can turn on the news or read endless posts by credible and in credible sources via Facebook, and begin to form our opinions on topics and situations without really ever knowing the whole story. ...

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A Writer, A Whim and a Dream Answered
Have you ever had a dream for your life...a bucket list item, per se? Perhaps you have dreamt about flying over the ocean, or being the head of a large corporation.  Maybe you've fantasized about owning a large home on a dozen acres, or simply being a stay-...

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We Have Winner(s)!!!
Well, I am feeling a little generous, so have chosen the top 3 sign ups to receive a copy of my latest book/Bible study, Unshakeable: Taming the Soul and Mind. Drum roll please.... duhduhduhduhduhduh!!! The winners are: nathaniel.neace@...

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Book Give-A-Way!!
Hey there, my ice-aggedon surviving friends!! I decided to have a little fun on this non-snow day. If you're not already, sign up here on my website for my email blogs before 9 PM CST, and you will
be entered to win a copy of my latest book/Bible study, U...

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Hanging On When God Deals You A Frayed Rope
Life is funny, isn't it?  One minute you think you have it all together and know exactly what direction you are heading, and then BAM! it changes on a dime and you feel as if you are floating off into space; the spaceship's anchor cord has suddenly snapped ...

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5 Things Jesus' Birth Taught Me
It's Christmas time again.  By now, most people have their trees up and their presents wrapped, though there are some slackers out there. Lol. Stores are in full-time Christmas mode with registers continuously ringing up those last minute purchases. Churche...

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10 Ways to Survive the Holidays
We have to face it....Christmas is upon us and the holiday season is in full swing.  Shoppers are going ninety to nothing, running to and fro in search of that perfect gift.  Stores are cashing in on the crazy amount of sales pouring through their registers...

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A Somali Terrorist and a Twist
Well, I'm sure by now you've heard the news...or maybe not, since it is rather controversial. Yesterday, there was a calculated and completely evil attack on unsuspecting students on the campus of Ohio State University.  Nine students were injured by means ...

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The Thin Blue Line Standing Against the Unseen Enemy
Yesterday was an extremely tough day for law enforcement - a San Antonio detective ambushed and killed, a St. Louis Sgt. ambushed and shot in the face, a police officer in Sanibel, Florida shot and wounded as he conducted a traffic stop, and an officer shot...
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