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Harold Tourjee

Hi everyone!
Been playing for a few weeks now and I'm always AMPed for my groups weekend sessions.

I had a rules question though. By a strict rules-as-written interpretation of Abnormal Mimicry, you can mix and match powers from various amps (up to 5 powers at shapeshifting 10), and you get the core abilities as well as the augments. This is because in chapter three you define a power as the sum of one core ability plus augments (ayo 48-50), and because it doesn't say you have to be mimicking the person, you just have to be using your shapeshifter core ability (so I could change my eye color and grab powers from other amps). This seems overpowered, even though it is limited to only physical powers.

To give a hypothetical situation,
Amp Kat has shapeshifting 4. Amp Bolt has evasion 6, you missed, and accurate. Amp Ali has behemoth 6, boost lift, and crush.
Kat uses shapeshifting to change into a random person.
Can she get any abilities from Bolt or Ali?
Can she get abilities from Bolt AND Ali?
If she gets evasion from Bolt, does that automatically give you missed and accurate?

Sorry about the lengthy post, but I love shapeshifters, and would want to know what I can and can't do.
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