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So did some math on full size RC tank, 9x9x8, VS 81 drums. 
So I went with just tank walls ease of math. it came 354 pieces of tank wall. With RR numbers it comes out to 177 pieces of steel. 
For 81 drums it is 6 steel and 11 iron respectively. Which comes out to be 486 steel, 891 iron. So a grand total of 1377 iron, which comes out to be 7.7 times more expensive then the RR buffed steel tank.
Do you think drums should 8 times more expensive then the steel tank at max size?

Digital Miners in 13.1 are crashing clients upon placement and then duping said miner. It gives no crash log, 2 other folks on Vass-Raven are having the same issue.

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So I made this thread with the belief that the members of the community have ideas that can be helpful or can lead to another train of thought for builds. That quite possibly you may solve someones problem that they didn't know they had. 

Thanks for any additions, constructive criticism, or other view points.

New Redstone Arsenal is crashing my single player world

So far any tool put in a crystal chest or a charger from engineers toolbox will crash the client.

Edit: should note I reported to the Cofh tracker already.
Also tried it with item frame, tool rack. Arcane pestdal;  barrels and factorization and jabba. They all work fine.

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:/ after updating to 2.49a get an error once I hit play
first error
after reinstall
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