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Nick Curtis (Trust Pigs)
Artist parody or parody artist.
Artist parody or parody artist.

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If you couldn't make it to the debut exhibition of Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's working studio space & gallery, Death's Vault, then hopefully my report of the evening will let you feel like you were there!

Gimetzco × Jeff Lamm × Monster Worship's "Mecha Greasebat - Mechanized Death" T-Shirts!

Favoritoys's official Frida Kahlo vinyl figures on Kickstarter!

Splurrt's brand new Secretoy: "Cinema Monster," a standard-sized kaiju creation that is coming soon!

Daniel Fleres's Absolutely Amazing Painting, Drawing & Stickers Giveaway on Instagram!

Mike Leavitt's "Empire Peaks" Artist Proof Statues of Star Wars × Famous People Figures!

Otto Bjornik's space-based "Gyaraga" custom astronaut Dunny blind boxed series coming Thursday!

Rampage Toys × Tsuburaya Productions's "Jamila" from Ultraman figure for Wonder Festival!

Buff Monster's Tattoo Flash Sheet Print & "The Melty Misfits: Jumbo Cheap Toy" Resin Figures!

Chris Ryniak gives fans & patrons a true behind-the-scenes tour of his studio and process!
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