Prepare for I/O

When +Danielle Melia posted about their excitement in getting chosen for I/O, and asking for suggestions - I remembered those feelings well.

I remembered the first morning I was too excited to sleep, so walked over to get in line... and three amazing days that followed... and the years that have followed that. Above all - I remember the people I've met, worked with, learned from, shared with, and continue to talk to today. Some of them I only see once or twice a year - and I/O is typically one of those times.

My advice to Danielle, and everyone, about I/O:
- Don't worry about the presentations so much, they're recorded.
- Go to the kiosks and displays where the engineers and DevRel Googlers are. Ask them questions. Get to know them.
- Talk to your fellow developers... on line... waiting for the keynote or a presentation to start... at lunch. We're all in this together!
- Have fun! I/O is an inspiring event - see what inspires you and grow from it.
- When you're done - stay connected. Join the mailing lists. Take part in StackOverflow. Attend your local Google Developers Group (and volunteer to speak!)

We're just two months away from the Keynote!
I am #io17winner! I am new to coding and am honored to have the privilege to be there! Question for the group...

As a newbie, what should I make sure I know before I go? I don't want to be lost but I DO want to learn. I am busy creating a crash course for myself. What should I include?

Anyone have any great tips for navigating the event as a newbie?

Anyone from Long Island going?

Thanks in advance for any advice!!!
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