Over on twitter, both Charles Taylor and Sierra Leone are trending topics.

Over here, this is what we have.

Am I the only one bothered by this, at least a little?

Don't get me wrong - I would much rather that the world's problems be resolved enough that these topics would be the more prominent ones... but somehow I don't think that is what is going on here...
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why is britney still on the top of the list? Has she even done anything lately?
My "What's trending" is completely different and there are only 5 of them. Perhaps this is user-specific?
Also, is "Trending" only based off of public posts? I have a very, very active stream but only 10% of the people probably post public.
NFL Draft
Twitter is a quick reaction system.... rapid fire in short bursts... G+ is different.... posts are born slower, but weigh more.
true... G+ can get "Twitterish" sometimes....
As for Mr. Taylor, one less bastard to worry about... the world is a little bit better today.
If i click on a trending # the posts are fairly shit no sense! so i don't go there.
I've noticed that whenever people post clips of the trending topics, it doesn't match mine, which makes me wonder how much of "trending" is subjective.
+Allen Firstenberg - That actually makes me feel better, as I was sort of annoyed by the idea that they were making trending lists based on what they thought I'd want to read.
I think having the option to create more flexible trending lists in addition to some central one would be better than having just one, inflexible, useless to me, list.
+Allen Firstenberg - I agree, but if there's just going to be one list, the fact that it's broken makes me feel even less guilt for ignoring it.
FWIW, at this moment the topics I show as "trending" are:

Google Translate
Kobe Bryant
The Avengers
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