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Thanks for the honor, +Denis Labelle. Not sure I did anything to deserve it, tho.
Google+ User Of The Weekend: +Allen Firstenberg
Software Visioning and Development

"Who am I?" - Jean Valjean, Les Misérables
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You always provide great insights in a community that I can't mention here, +Allen Firstenberg ;)
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Cardboard Tango

What can you do when you combine Tango sensors and a Cardboard display?

You can shake hands with the President of the United States.

This is big. It is combining two important technologies (cheap VR displays and the physical sensors of Tango) to create a different sort of Augmented Reality system. Perhaps more of a de-augmented reality, since it only presents things from the physical space that it wants to, or represents them in its own way.

This kinda illustrates, in my mind, the real power of Tango. It isn't a specific product - it is a new set of sensors that you'll be able to put into a range of hardware products to do a wealth of new things.

(h/t +Noble)
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VandalEyes would be proud!
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Flashback: I/O 2014

I/O 2014 clearly said change was in the air. From turning the keynote auditorium 90 degrees to Sundar leading the show, things were different. And we could only imagine how different they would become as Sundar mentioned, as we were getting up to leave, "And you'll all be getting a Cardboard."

A what?

Now I find them in my supermarket. Wow. Change indeed.

Even bigger changes in store for this year... can't wait to see how they all pan out.
Google I/O #TB : What happened in 2014 (Post 8/10)

When: June 25–26, 2014
Where: Moscone Center, San Francisco
Highlights: Android Auto, Android Lollipop, Android One, Android TV, Android Wear, Gmail API, Material design

Back in 2014, +Sundar Pichai announced that we reached 1B +Android users, and that 1M people were viewing #io14 via the livestream. After the Keynote, all attendees received +Google Cardboard a simple and affordable headset that allows for immersive VR experiences, created as a side project by 2 Googlers in the Paris office.

The after party was taken outdoors for the first time. It happened at the Yerba Buena Gardens across the street, featuring live music, a vibrant silent disco, a beer garden and even some light sabers.

Watch the keynote ( and the recap video ( for more!

Chrome Experiment ( A celebration of science and technology breakthroughs using Three.js and Web Audio.

Visit the #io16 website for the latest on this year’s event:

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+Allen Firstenberg  I am glad you didn't mind my following you around like a lost puppy.   IO was my first real conference and my first time traveling to the USA alone.    It was nice having a friendly face around :)
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Omg. I wish I knew before I bought so much from Costco. Damn it. You're the smartest kid on the block +Jason ON​​. What the world would do without you and your precious wisdom. Gosh. My hero.

"Stop trying to make fetch happen. It's not gonna happen." 
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How about a REAL live case?

Everyone is going mad about the Live Case for Nexus devices.
But there isn't anything live about them! You want live? How about the back of your phone showing the current time... get back to me when it can do that.

Oh wait... with a YotaPhone it could...
Really Thinking Differently

I attended a local Tech Meetup group to do a presentation about developing for Glass, what it was like, and how it was different. Great reception from the crowd - people are still fascinated by Glass, what it is, how it works, and how it helps people stay more focused on the world around them instead of the screens on their phones.

Another presenter said many of the same things I did, however, but he was showing a very different technology. If you have never heard of the #yotaphone , a brief introduction is in order. In many ways - it is exactly like every other modern android phone... with one significant difference. Although the front has a standard color screen... the back has an e-ink display. What can you use the display for? Reading books... displaying the current time... notifications without having to light up (and power) the main screen...

We didn't have a wearables presentation there, but that would have been a great addition to the conversation. I think it is interesting that so many people are realizing how lost we're getting in our phones... and are seeking out different solutions to the problem. Yota is one way to address the problem... and so is Glass... and so are other wearables.

And I'm glad I'm part of communities that are willing to experiment and find the solutions to these problems.

#gde   #glass   #techtalk  
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Going mad about what? Did Google announce a thing?
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Search: Legs

Prompted by a joke from +George Kozi which sought to observe that modern vacation photos were all of the photographer's legs shot on a cell phone camera... I was curious to see how many photos of legs I had taken.

Quite a few. Here are just some of the most interesting results.

12 new photos · Album by Allen “Prisoner” Firstenberg
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Haha, I have an automatically created collection called "cats" and I don't even have a cat 😸
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Barbara Boxer on Twitter


But seriously - who thought this was a good idea politically? Cruz is going into a big primary fight in California, Fiorina's state. But she isn't actually liked there. She's lost elections there before... she gutted one of the Valley's oldest and most reputable companies...

I get why the Cruz campaign is trying (they think they have nothing to lose)... but I suspect that the counties where they even had a chance are now wavering (pick a successfull businessperson for president... or a failed one for veep... what a choice...)
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Bill, what I am saying is that there is evidence, we can look at it, and it points fairly clearly at Fiorina's mismanagement as a cause for HP's decline, and her departure as a cause for its resurgence.   The argument that "we can't really know" is actually a classic fallacy, and you did in fact make that assertion in support of your argument.
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The rollout for the Android Wear API 23 update is now complete! Every Android Wear watch that is paired with a phone has been offered the update, and most users should have installed it already. So it is now possible for developers to support only API 23 and not have to support the older API 22. There are a small fraction of users who have not installed the update, and it is important that they take action to do this soon. If a watch is not getting the OTA, check that it is paired with a phone, or try factory resetting it and pairing again.

To celebrate this occasion, I encourage you to read +Hoi Lam's blog post discussing the use of the shiny new -round resource identifier, introduced in API 23. Read on for more information:

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+Dan Scott try booting your watch with the phone turned off, and see if it boots up enough for you to go to settings and do the factory reset.

I only have unlocked watches here so I cannot test this out. But I thought you could always do a factory reset from fastboot mode even when the bootloader is locked.
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YouTube Live 360, Google I/O, and you

Last year at #io15, the video screen wrapped around 270 degrees. This 360 panorama gives you an idea what it was like when we walked into the keynote hall.

With just over a month to go until the 2016 keynote, I'm going to make my first prediction. This year, the screen will wrap a full 360 degrees. And the entire keynote will be broadcast in 360 degree vision on YouTube Live. Meaning that people at home (if you have your Cardboard sets going) may get nearly as awesome a perspective as we do at Shoreline Amphitheater.

Last year, the head of Cardboard talked about all the great things that were coming on that platform, and YouTube Live 360 and surround audio were part of what he pitched. Those are now coming true, just in time for Coachella this weekend and I/O next month.

I think this is a daring experiment, to be honest. While everyone else is focusing their Live efforts on making it so everyone can broadcast.. YouTube seems to be focusing its Live efforts on select smaller groups that can do awesome things - gaming and 360 are the genres right now. Will we see them roll out a bigger Live platform that everyone can use? Will everyone have access to 360 broadcasting? What is the API like?

And if so, will the presentation be awesome? There wasn't a lot that really used the 270 degree screens - will they truly wow us with some 360 degree work? I can only imagine what it will be like. Can they do real presentations this way? Can we be surrounded by information about a topic, not just the same slide repeated every other screen? That would be awesome! (And possibly overwhelming.) But still... I really hope they at least try to pull it off... and I really really hope they do. I can picture it... and if they do it right, it will be beautiful.

I hope they pull it off. I really do.

We'll find out in just under 29 days!

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NY Primary Day

For starters - if you're a NY resident, and you're a registered party member, today is the day. Go vote!

As I've said before - I'm not registered. It was tempting to do so to have some say with one party or another, but that would be disingenuous. In general - I despise party politics and continue to vote on issues, not affiliation.

So with that - I'm going to talk about the five people under consideration today. In alphabetical order by their last name.

I find it difficult to really like Hillary. Not because of her issues, but because she's the consummate politician. But I suppose that's what you're trying to pick here - a politician. One who can negotiate with leaders, both foreign and domestic, to help chart a path for the country. But sometimes that means leading... setting the agenda... and making it happen. Her supporters like to say that she's the only one who is electable... but I think they underestimate how much the Republicans hate her and how much mud they can sling about her... and facts won't get in the way of that mud. And once elected... can she really govern with a congress that is so violently opposed to her existence? She'd make a competent President, however... and there will likely be little to show at the end of four or eight years of her administration.

It truly scares me that someone like Cruz has gotten this far... in politics in general, nevermind this campaign specifically. That he is coming across as a credible alternative on his so-called platform is terrifying. There is a lot of rhetoric that is clearly out to appeal to a specific base, but thats not the nature of a good politician or leader.

In a pack of horrible choices, its interesting that Kasich has continued to hang in there. Possibly because he realizes how horrible the other choices are and is trying to hold onto the middle ground. Politically, he'd be a wise choice - on a lot of issues he might be able to pull the independent vote, not to mention members from both sides of the aisle in Congress. It is clear how good a politician he is - he actually has a health care plan and record that on one hand trashes Obamacare, but on the other hand seems to completely embrace it entirely. Again, after four or eight years, we'd see little change under a Kasich presidency, tho I do worry a bit about what some of the changes he gets through might be.

Bernie comes close... so close it is almost tantalizing. He certainly gives the impression that he actually cares about people and that he can bring about major change without major chaos. I sincerely believe he could, if given the chance. But there are just some planks in his platform that simultaneously show a lack of grounding in reality and actual vision and responsibility. And while his domestic policy appears well thought out, a foreign policy that consists of "isolationism" and little else doesn't reflect reality. And he isn't a politician, despite doing this nearly all his life - it is difficult to see how any of his proposals would get anywhere in Congress in this climate.

As a person who has been following Trump's antics for decades, it is not surprising that he's gotten to this point in the election. It is surprising that people keep falling for it and believe that he's "honest" and "trustworthy" and "cares about America". He cares about one thing and one thing only - Donald Trump. He's so wealthy he's not corruptable? Nonsense - he's far more corrupt than any American politician we've seen in recent years, but his methods are far different than the outright politician buying than we've seen. And will that kind of false power move Congress? Will it move foreign leaders? I don't think so. But people like him, right? He cares about people? No - he likes using people. He's not your leader, you're his bitch. He doesn't carry himself as a noble and powerful leader... he carries himself like a bullying asshole, and that won't play in many other corridors of power. And behind that bravado, is there any substance? Not if you read his platform. "Full of sound and fury and signifying absolutely nothing.

So there you have it New Yorkers... its decision time. Good luck. We all need it.

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I don't see any of the five current candidates causing any changes at all in Congress.
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Flashback to I/O 2013

I think +Google Developers missed the mark on this post. I mean.. sure... all those were notable things... but the true highlight was Glass. Why do I say that?

Could it have been the Glass sessions were completely packed to overflowing (and even some of the overflow rooms were packed)? Could it be the lines of people waiting to try on Glass from the guides at the gigantic Glass booth? The flocks of Explorers wandering the floor talking about our experiences? The ability to meet Glass CMs, DevRels, and even executives?

If 2012 literally launched Glass out of an airship... 2013 was when Glass landed at Moscone.
Google I/O #TB : What happened in 2013 (Post 7/10)

When: May 15–17, 2013
Where: Moscone Center, San Francisco
Highlights: Android Studio, Google Play Music All Access, Google Play Games, Google+ redesign, Hangouts

Back in 2013, we made several exciting products announcements at Google I/O. However, it was +Larry Page who stole the show with an inspiring #io13 keynote talking about responsibility to innovate. Devs from around the world were invited to watch a bird's-eye live stream of what was happening on the floors of Moscone via the I/O AirShow powered by a fleet of remote-controlled blimps equipped with cameras (

Watch the keynote ( and recap video ( for more!
Chrome Experiment ( The sounds of the "I" and "O” in the I/O logo using Javascript, Canvas, SVG animations and Web Audio.

Visit the #io16 website for the latest on this year’s event:

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I guess they weren't too embarrassed about it then. But I still wanna know more about what they're doing with it.
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Google I/O Throwback

+Google Developers are going through a decade of I/O, and they're finally at my first I/O - 2012. (aka - "The Google+ +1 birthday party" and "The skydivers did what?")
Google I/O #TB: What happened in 2012 (Post 6/10)

When: June 27–29, 2012
Where: Moscone Center, San Francisco
Highlights: Analytics for Android, Android Jelly Bean, Chrome and Drive for iOS, Docs Offline, Google+, Nexus 7 & Q, Now, Project Glass

Back in 2012, #io12 expanded to three days to accommodate more content and product demos. Sergey Brin announced Project Glass with the help of some skydiving friends: Finally, we announced updated global metrics for some of our key products:
- 1M +Android devices were being activated every day
- +Google Chrome surpassed 310M active users
The after hours party at Moscone counted with some fine tunes from Train and Paul Oakenfold.

Watch the full event recap video for more:!

Chrome Experiment ( A HTML5 game, launching particles from the Input to the Output using canvas, CSS3, animated Sprites and Flash controlled by Javascript.

Visit the #io16 website for the latest on this year’s event:

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Let me tell you a story...
...or tell me one of yours.

Our lives are made up of stories, and is a story in itself.  Stories are fact or fiction, can be told by a wandering minstrel or projected on the big screen, are written in books or woven into games, are heard through poetry or prose in many styles, let us experience the tale with sound or silence, and can stimulate any or every one of our senses and emotions.

It has been my goal in life to understand stories and storytellers, to help people tell stories, to explore new ways to tell those stories, and to enjoy and appreciate the stories swirling around us.

So come... sit by the fire.  Let us share a story for a little while.
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I was a kickstarter backer of this store, but actually trying their donuts exceeded my expectations. It is clear that the staff both care about the quality of their donuts, coffee, and other drinks, and want to make sure their customers enjoy themselves. From the quirky and interactive decor (wifi still isn't working on that typewriter?) to explaining every step of their pour-over coffee if you ask, the attention to detail is outstanding. Their Maple-Bacon donut is their signature item, but I have yet to find a flavor from their ever-changing menu that I have not thoroughly enjoyed. I'm not a coffee drinker, but they have plenty of other varieties of quality drinks to quench your thirst. Visit. Enjoy. Share.
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