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Who doubted this would happen?

I can see there will be a lot of Lego around my house at the end of this year!

(I'm always... dubious... about Lego model sets. But this is way too tempting for me. Why... it might sit next to the unopened Yoda lego set I have in my basement...)

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The Danish-owned company has signed a deal with the BBC to create a Dr Who Lego after a fan of the show submitted an idea for the themed set featuring various doctors, the Daleks and K9 the dog.
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Good lord... four times I read that headline, and the first three, I thought they were talking about stage sets, not sets of bricks... facepalm
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Proud Parent Moment

My mom is quizzing my son from some education / trivia cards.

Question: "in the technology world, what is another way to say 'There's an application for that.'"

My son's answer: "T A A F T"

My mom and my son are wondering why I'm laughing hysterically and can't stop.

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Honest... I was just trying to help...

I get the feeling they don't want me to help people in the new Photos forum. I've posted 3 comments or questions in the past 6 hours, with the most recent about 4 hours ago... and this is what I'm now getting. (And I have to actually use the website to reply... email replies are disabled.)

(cc: +Moritz Tolxdorff - is there a better person I should be addressing this to?)
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It let me post so far this morning. So perhaps 12 hours of contemplation let it reconsider.
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This is a pretty good summary about my feelings about the past few seasons of Doctor Who.

(Which reminds me - I want to write-up my thoughts about last season one of these days.)

+Lisa Bauer +Dan Rice 
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(they could have stopped after the first six words)
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Google Photos Help Forum

The go-to site for all your Photos questions. And answers.!forum/photos
Welcome to our community! This is a hub for you to search for Google Photos answers, ask Google Photos-related questions, and help each other out. You can also search in our Google Photos Help Center to see if we have already answered your question. In the forum, you can also give feedback on ...
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What Happens when you use Google Photos

"I wish +Google Photos would quickly evolve" is a spot-on analysis by +Danny Sullivan. I may have some slightly different thoughts on approaches (I would push for an API over a Desktop tool), but I think we agree - Photos has a lot they have to fix (or un-break) before it is a real tool.
This is long post on how I wish +Google Photos would quickly evolve so I could fully depend on it as my photo management tool. 

Having been burned once by Adobe Photoshop Elements last decade, I'm extremely wary of trusting any tool over simply organizing photos into folders on my computer.

With Elements, I tagged so many pictures only to discover none of that information could be exported. With iPhoto, I came trusting it only to have the mess that is Apple Photos come along.

And I get it. I really do. I keep hearing what you told me, +Bradley Horowitz, just trust in the cloud and stop losing my mind trying to organize all this stuff myself. And I'm SO SO SO close to wanting to do that. But...

With my music, I can make playlists and know that those playlists will sync anywhere. If I fire up iTunes and make one, Google Music merrily will read all that and keep Google Music in sync. I also have fairly complete control over how I want to store my original music locally. I can organize the files by artist or album or so on. And I can easily have those files, so that on the off-chance some cloud goes nuts or some company folds or some new fancy DRM comes along, my MP3s are safe.

I want that for my photos. I want to know that I can have all my photos synced to a local drive in addition to being out on Google’s cloud. And I can by letting Google Photos make a folder in Google Drive. BUT sometimes the original file names don’t seem to be preserved. There doesn’t appear to be a way to control the folders so that you could have album specific ones (I do appreciate deeply the chronological format, however). Perhaps most important, Google Drive doesn’t work with external drives. I have 500GB of photos which aren’t going to fit on most typical laptops today. Support external drives!

I deeply appreciate the collections that are getting made. But after having just uploaded those 500GBs of photos and videos, it’s gone kind of mad. Trying to scroll through and find them all is very sluggish on desktop. On tablet, it’s easier but still needs to be improved. I know, now that I’m caught up, it won’t be so bad with so many coming in all at once. On the other hand, I think plenty of people already have many. We need a better collections / albums browsing.

While I appreciate we’re in a mobile first / cloud first world, there are times I’d like to do some batch processes on my desktop, where I have a keyboard, horsepower and lot of screen real estate. The way I’d like to do that is with Apple Photos. Except not, because Apple Photos is only for Apple devices. And Apple Photos wants to insanely download all my photos if I use it to some degree. Hey Apple, even if you’re going to compress my pictures, when I’m working on a 128GB laptop, trying to fill all my storage with ALL photos isn’t on.

Still, I want something like Apple Photos that could talk to Google Photos. I want some photo management app for desktop, a real one. And you know, Google has Picasa. So can’t that be brought into the 2010s finally and catch up to become Google Photos for Desktop. Please? Pretty please, because despite all the auto-organization that’s happening, there are times we still need to do some things ourselves. An app would help.

By the way, I’d so love if you could figure out what a screenshot is. I take a gazillion of them for work reasons. They’re all mixed in with pictures of my family, and it’s just kind of a mess. I suppose I should just ignore them all and focus on the auto-collections you make for me as well as ones I make. But they bug me. I want to put them all in a folder called Screenshots and be done with it. And, that may be what I’ll do — except as mentioned above, I don’t want to do all that organizing, find that Google goes “poof” for some reason and then I’m back to square one if all those screenshots can’t be put into a folder on my local computer in specific way. Hope that makes sense.

Speaking of my family, my wife wants ALL our family photos. And I want all of hers. We want one big family photo thing. But I can’t share a stream of all my pictures. And if I could, I’d be sharing all those screenshots I take. It would be nice if there were some way (and maybe I’m missing it) for families (or anyone) to more easily share large numbers of pictures. That would be especially helpful because if you make one of those great automated collections, she get one with her photos, I get one with mine but we don’t have one with our joint photos.

And speaking of sharing, what is up with the inability to stop sharing things. Perhaps this is a bug, but I have large number of albums that all say they’re shared. There’s no way that I can find to see who they’re shared with or how. Nor is there any option I can see to remove sharing. I think maybe, just maybe, things that were shared within an album on Google+ might be causing this bug. But suffice to say, if you’re going to report that something is shared, you should show how or to whom and provide a way to turn that off.

Back to editing, the faces thing is great. But I take a lot of pictures of TV shows and such to share, so I have all these celebrities staring back at me when I go to do a search. Which is kind of cool, but I’d rather have the most important people I’m after showing first. I’d also like to be able to set the photo used as a thumbnail for these people.

Also, how are we still not able to search through our photos by devices. I was desperate for that feature two years ago. I still am.

I know I’ve rambled on here. I hope it’s somewhat helpful. What I really hope, I suppose more than anything, is that we get a desktop app that can let us manage our photos with some control where we want it and in a way that ensures for us that any organization we do — or even you do — won’t somehow get lost in years to come. 
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+Meirav M. - I'm not convinced they don't want to "cater" to us. I just think they have a lot they know they have to deal with, and have picked a certain set of priorities. I suspect, but have no evidence, that those priorities were set with the goal of "make it stand out from other services". So features that are unique (search) are more important than those that duplicate everyone else (albums).

I think thats a bit odd... since nobody will care if they don't have basic features. But nobody bothered to ask me my opinion. {:
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More Questions and Answers

Q (From same source as before): "How are words in a dictionary arranged?"

Answer from my son: "What's a dictionary?"
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Get him a paper edition of encyclopedia Brittanica as a gift! 
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I wonder why...
The USPS abbreviation for Pennsylvania is PA and not PE. It isn't like PE would be used by another state.
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+Morgan Lake thanx '-}
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Drive API and Google Photos

Google Photos announced the ability to edit the date/time metadata today. I'm not seeing this showing up in the Drive metadata for the photo. Does anyone know if it is supposed to change either the createDate or one of the imageMediaMetadata properties?

(And while we're at it. Is there any documentation for the spaces property?)
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I think that's the same issue we see with any changes/edits made to Google Photos. None of them get synced to Drive.

In addition to "spaces" there's also a new scope which apparently let's you read the "Google Photos" folder as opposed to the "Google Photos" drive folder (which not everyone might have).
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Black Cat Appreciation Day

It really is difficult to photograph black cats. Mine, Bagheera, just looks like a black smudge when I try to take his picture most of the time. But +Lisa Bauer got an excellent picture of him on Saturday.
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You have a cool cat 👍
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Search: forum

In honor of the new +Google Photos product forum (!forum/photos) I did a Google Photos search for... "forum".

I'm not sure why this came up. {: I've taken dozen of photos of Google bicycles, but this was the only one returned from this search. I have to wonder if it knows what the collective noun is for Google bikes. "A forum of Google bicycles" like a "school of fish" or something.

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Not really. {:

It has taught me I need to work on my photography and get out more. {:

As for the results - I'm still enjoying Photos search.
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