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Who is back?

(It's a series with time travel. And a dream sequence. This really should come as no surprise.)

+Lisa Bauer +Dan Rice 
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HoloLens Thoughts

I was dubious about the teaser video Microsoft released a few months ago, so I was excited to hear and see this video, which gives a more realistic perspective of HoloLens, what it can do today, and the approach it is using to do it. I was dubious that it would really be released this year, and I'm still a bit dubious about it, but this shows how close they are. It is an impressive demo!

I have two major concerns about it, however:

1) Having each holo as a Win10 app is, to be honest, a really clever approach. It creates an instant source of things you can do with it. BUT it also means that you'll get a pile of apps that are poorly suited for the UX with people thinking that "it can be done, so why not do it", and there are a lot of layouts that are really bad ideas for an AR or VR rig. I think thats fine to experiment with, but we've seen that really getting the UX right on multiple form factors isn't easy - Android and Apple have shown how difficult it is. Maybe Microsoft and their independent developers can pull this off, but this video doesn't encourage me that they can.

2) The technology is good. Really good. Really really good. But just not good enough. Maybe it was how far removed I was from the holograms, but I was getting a headache just watching it. (Which actually makes me think I'd be worse if I was actually using it, not better.) I just can't see using this for more than a couple of minutes without having to take anti-nausea medicine, nevermind being distracted and tripping over the non-virtual objects in my room.
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Re: 21 minutes to ponder what the adult industry would do with it..... +George Kozi was busy.......ummmmm......pondering....for 19 minutes.  Then it took 2 minutes to write the comment.    :)
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Time to talk about Time

About a week ago, +Sreek Menon posted a video talking about the history of time. It was an ok video... but it talked more about the technology behind time, and less about how time itself was invented. Here is an article that does a slightly better job, but it still lacks some major points in the history of time.

For example, it omits things like the metric time that came about during the French Republic. (The same people who brought us the metric calendar and the metric measurement system. Guess which of those is the only one that caught on?) Can you imagine 10 hours per day, 100 minutes per hour, and 100 seconds per minute?

Another major omission is that, until very recently, time was a purely local thing. Your local major clock (usually on town hall or a church) was adjusted so noon was when the sun was highest on a particular day of the year. This varied from town to town, of course, which caused a problem for the railroads when they started to come through - it was the railroads that invented "standard time". 

It mentions that clocks didn't have minute hands, but doesn't talk about why people cared (or how long it was until they did, really). It glosses over the major role that time played in learning how to navigate the world - it was a clockmaker who solved the longitude problem, not a mariner.

We may not think of Time as an invention... but it most certainly was.

Oh, and why divide the day into 12s and 60s? Much easier way to divide things than 10s. Those metric fools really did get it wrong. But thats a debate for another... time...
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Time is here to stay, at least for the next 10,000 years or so.
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Gecko Tape In Action

My friend +Scanner Luce and I have been following the progress of using the material on gecko's feet to create a new adhesive. Here are some of the fruits of those researches - a robot that can climb walls carrying more than 100x its own weight.

I, for one, welcome our robot underlords.
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This is really an amazing piece of technology. I can't help but think that this may have some really strong applications toward the space elevator concept where this could be used to slowly crawl up a ribbon of carbon nanotubes out into space.
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Time to Pitch Those Audacious Ideas!

What problem will you solve? How will you #SolveForX ?

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Hi Katy!
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+Meirav M. found the funniest of the ones referenced... but there are some dang good ones mentioned as well.
meirav went to Twitter and found the hilarious #ClickBaitBooks is trending :)

I wonder if +Jeremy Hodges knows what happens next ;)
One weird trick that will spice up your bookshelf, via #ClickbaitBooks
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lots of good ones - also if you check out the hashtag on Twitter. people are being wonderfully creative! (but of course I had to reshare the hitchhiker one. it is Thursday after all.)
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Community Closing

Today is the last day that the Explorers Community BBS will be running, and I have mixed feelings about this.

On one hand, it was an important attempt to get Explorers working together, sharing ideas and problems, and building... well... a community. It was a way we knew we were talking with other Explorers, and not just people who had an interest in (or interest against) the technology. We had all actually used Glass.

On the other hand... it never became part of my routine. I would often forget to visit it since it wasn't integrated with Glass or Google+ (and it couldn't be integrated with Google+ because of the lack of a Community API... but I digress). In the early days, it had some technical problems. And, at least for me, it never quite jelled the way other communities I've been part of have. I'm not even sure many Explorers knew it existed.

So my thanks to +Sarah Price and +Becca Samson for getting it up and running and keeping it going for two years. But its time has come... and I can't say I will be too too sorry to see it go. Perhaps I will go see if I can find any posts I want to keep... but I'm not sure what they might be.

But we have a thriving #GlassFamily  here on Google+ and in the physical world. And isn't that what Glass is all about? The world and people around us?
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Had no idea it was closing. I almost never checked it, there was no convenient way to integrate it into my life, and the G+ folks were generally quickly responsive to discussions anyways.

Still can't turn off Glass's anti-privacy features. With "Auto-Upload" being a non-disable-able feature, I can't see wearing the device again. Asked for it to be handled for 18 months of active development and it wasn't, so I see it as a clear statement Google doesn't consider user privacy a priority anymore.
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The Force is strong in my family...

When your dad is Luke Skywalker... you get family photos like this...
Click through to see pictures of Nathan with Yoda and exploring the guts of R2D2.

+Lisa Bauer 
(h/t +Mike Elgan)
Exclusively on, the Hamill family share their own behind-the-scenes photos from Return of the Jedi.
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Cute! :)
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Pardon Me

+Philip Setnik nails it on the head, I think, and I've expressed similar issues in the past. I do not seek to offend people... I make statements without intending it to be personal...

But sometimes they are. And sometimes I do. And long after everyone else gets over it... I'll be lying in bed tormenting myself over it.

It isn't that I was wrong... it isn't that the other person has too thin a skin... it is that everyone deserves to be treated with respect. There is another person over there, and they deserve exactly what I do. No more, no less.

I forgive others far faster than I forgive myself... and I hope others can forgive me when I act this way.
I hate offending people.  I hate it especially so when it is because I have failed in my duty to express myself in a sufficiently lucent manner, probably more than when I'm perfectly clear in what I'm saying.

That has happened to me today not once, not twice, but thrice.  And that's that I know of.

The responsibility for this can be placed with no one other than, as that great popular philosopher Michael Jackson put it, "the man in the mirror."

I am trying to not look at this as anything other than a slump, a temporary condition brought on by lack of sleep, irregularity of diet, lack of exercise, and simply too many things going on.  I fervently hope that I will one day soon return to my usual level of irresistible charm, rhetorical magnificence, and intellectual prodigality.  Along with my epic and legendary humility.

In the meantime, I am sorry to those I have offended, or even toed the line of offense, or even made uncomfortable with my presence.  I am sorry, and I hope for your forgiveness.

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I'm offended by this Allen, and there is nothing you can do about it. 
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On The Good Ship Lollypop

My thanks to Cyanogen for finally getting 12.0 out there and working.

And especially my thanks to peteski79 for finding where Cyanogen stuck the download file and giving directions for doing what they apparently couldn't manage - installing it.

The real downside to this upgrade? I've forgotten why I should care by this point. It looks a little snazzier... but just a little. Nice features (like a faster screen unlock) are gone. Turning on hotspot mode goes from one step to about four. Wallet is just as mediocre as before. There has to be some reason I'm glad I got this update... right?
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+Linda Lawton it's not hard at all there are multiple guides on the OnePlus forums. But basically download download file, plug in your phone via USB, make sure it's in debug mode abs connected to adb by typing adb devices, if it is type adb reboot recovery, in the recovery select install update, select sideload from adb, type adb sideload and as long as you opened the cmd in the location of the for and adb is connected should install the update.
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And then, of course...
the mandatory #SolveForX  t-shirt to wrap up the day.

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Individual and Team Brainstorming

They've brainstormed... they ranked...they voted... now they're designing while they #SolveForX  

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Let me tell you a story...
...or tell me one of yours.

Our lives are made up of stories, and is a story in itself.  Stories are fact or fiction, can be told by a wandering minstrel or projected on the big screen, are written in books or woven into games, are heard through poetry or prose in many styles, let us experience the tale with sound or silence, and can stimulate any or every one of our senses and emotions.

It has been my goal in life to understand stories and storytellers, to help people tell stories, to explore new ways to tell those stories, and to enjoy and appreciate the stories swirling around us.

So come... sit by the fire.  Let us share a story for a little while.
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