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A DOOM FORE CAST are some pretty ominous four letter words people have been casting against Google+ lately.

A return blog entry, marking four years since I was kicked off Google+, and pondering how the reason for my suspension is very similar to concerns I have about the future of Google+.
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+Allen Firstenberg, I just published my new site today, 24 hours after starting it: .

I'm going to try to post things there first, then share them out to other sites, like G+. I may repost things on Medium, but I don't think that I'll share out the Medium link. I think that I'm going to stop posting to my tumblr blog altogether.

I kind of feel like I don't want other sites to own my things, where the primary traffic is going somewhere that I don't own. What it comes down to is that it's great to experiment and play with those services, but their needs are different from mine, and while the product that they offer today might be one that I like, what they decide to offer tomorrow may not be. It's not something that I think is right or wrong, and I certainly understand the position that they're in.  
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Exploding Kittens: The Unboxing

Just from a quick rules read - this is a really fun looking game!

Can't wait to play it (hopefully this evening) with +Dan Rice and +Lisa Bauer!
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My son has this. As a crazy cat lady, I'm not sure what to think of it!!
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Is it still a blue moon if I take the picture after midnight? What does it matter, anyway... it lit up the entire area and was beautiful.
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It is still the same month an hour west of you.
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Day of the Day July 30 — Apollo 15 Day

(Specifically, the day that Apollo 15 landed on the moon.)

OK, this is just the fourth time humans landed on the Moon, which isn't quite the big deal that the first one was.

Except that it was the first longish stay on the moon. The first Moon landing was more about getting there and getting back. By the fourth, we could stay there for a few days and science the place up a bit.

Apollo 15 took the first Lunar Rover, a sort of Moon Buggy which let them zoom around, for some relative value of zooming.

For science: an astronaut dropped a feather and a hammer at the same time, and they hit the ground at the same time, vindicating the dashitzie out of Galileo.

For art: they planted a small aluminum statue called "Fallen Astronaut", plus a plaque listing the names of all the astronauts and cosmonauts known to have died at that point. (Two Soviet cosmonauts are missing; their death was a Soviet secret.) The statue is a tiny thing, 3.3 inches tall. The astronauts planted it in secret, without telling NASA what they were doing, until afterwards.

Also in secret, the astronauts carried some stamps to the Moon, and were going to sell them for a big profit afterwards. They got kinda slapped around for this. This is somewhat confusing, since the Apollo 15 crew had 243 authorized stamps, in addition to the 400 unauthorized ones.

Suggested Observance: Mooooooon
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🎤We are the world,🎵we are the Moon...🎼
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It's Google, without the Plus

"we made a few choices that, in hindsight, we’ve needed to rethink"
                                  -- +Bradley Horowitz 

So it sounds like Google+, which was supposed to be the integration point for "everything Google"... won't be. The horrible notion of public profiles will finally be going away unless you'll be using Google+ (no word when they'll finally remove that stupid requirement from Google+, or why they haven't with these forthcoming changes). But YouTube gets to keep its cesspool just the way it liked it. Location sharing will go to... Hangouts, of course. (?)

Let's just take this to the logical next step. Get rid of "Google+ accounts" completely. There really is no good need for them. There never was. Their continued existence only serves to make whats left of Google+ an even crappier service, which is part of the problem in the first place.

But otherwise... this post really doesn't say anything we didn't already know. Vague promises of focusing Google+ on what we thought it was focusing on for four years. Yeah, perhaps I'm a bit bitter, but I haven't been surprised for a long time now.

The biggest irony, of course? There was no way to share this directly from the blog to Plus. 
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+Eli Fennell - I love two and three columns.
I strongly dislike that I can't tell what order they should be read in (if it is important).
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What a great thing to do - sharing breakfast. Eh, +Google Photos​?
Apparently the Google Photos search word of the day is Breakfast.

Here are the results for me.. no breakfast but at least it's food. :)
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Welcome!😚No matter what just sharing well.
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Exploding Kittens: The Review

Armed with several copies of both the family friendly and the NSFW versions of Exploding Kittens, +Lisa Bauer, +Dan Rice, resident cats Jack and Kaylee, and I set out to give it a try. Setup has a couple of details, but otherwise the game is incredibly straightforward when it comes to the goal and the rules.

The goal, in short, is not to get blown up by a Kitty mishap. Like accidentally launching the nuclear missiles. If you do happen to draw a card signifying your untimely demise, you can play a Disarm card to save yourself and re-plant the explosion for someone else to find.

All of your actions on your turn tend to try and improve your chances doing one or the other - trying to avoid the impending doom that lurks somewhere ahead of you in the deck, trying to manipulate someone else to get to their doom faster, or trying to get cards that may save you. Moves tend to be more tactical than strategic - you have tools in your hands, and it's up to you to figure out the best time to deploy those weapons.

We played three rounds in under an hour, and had a blast doing so. I imagine that this will be a game we return to periodically when we're in the mood for something fun and not totally random. +Matthew Inman and his co-authors have done an outstanding job at creating a fun game with amusing cards to read. If you didn't get in on the Kickstarter, get it when it comes out in general release - you'll be glad you did.
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I'm surprised nobody has mentioned that. {:

Let's just say its a themed surprise - but I don't want to let the cat out of the box. {;
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Parenting Childing, you're doing it right

Lots of people post about parenting successes, but I witnessed an action by my father this week that really made me proud of him.

The phone rang and he answered it. I heard his side of the conversation, which included comments like, "No, I think you're scamming me." "I doubt you're from Microsoft." "I'm not going to run that." "I know you're a scam." and ending with "I'm just keeping you on the line so the FBI can trace this call."

I was so proud of my dad, for a number of reasons. First of all, I know many people, most of them older and not familiar with technology, would fall prey to scam operations like this. He didn't, and I had faith that he wouldn't fall for other similar scams... at least not without checking with me first.

But second... I realized that a lot of my healthy skepticism was rooted in the lessons he and my mom taught me over the years. We don't blindly accept things just because someone (a phone call claiming to be from Microsoft... or a news report from any outlet... or even just my say-so) claims they are true. Perhaps that is a component of the evidence that it is truth - but there should be real source data proving something.

And as much as he taught me this - I hope I remind him of it as well.

Being your parent's offspring - you're doing it right.
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Search: Cow

+Google Photos seems to have done a search for "cow" today. Been a while since we saw something from them, but I don't have many cow pictures. Just this one and two photos with family in them that I won't share. (Tho one of them had sheep, but no cows. Nice try tho.)

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Why do I fell like Peter is thinking what comes out the other end of the cow.
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I have a "no bumper stickers" policy. But this is very tempting.
So I found the perfect decal for my Mac Book from:

It brings back many happy memories.
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Make it count :0)
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I concur with Gerwin - I would have almost any of these for breakfast. Except maybe the origami.
Following the idea of (and as requested by) +Allen Firstenberg [1] here's what Google thinks should be considered breakfast in my photos (a small selection).

Most of the photos are actually food, even though most weren't eaten as breakfast (but I wouldn't mind having those things for breakfast, not very picky that way). My breakfast mostly isn't very photo-worthy (unless on vacation) so it's understandable not to have many actual breakfast photos in there.

And then there are some complete misses, like some Origami models, or volcanic rocks from the Galapagos islands.

As a side-note for Allen: my one photo of waffles is also the only one I get when searching for waffles.

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Search: Breakfast

+Google Photos has an interesting idea about what breakfast is. {: I'm not really objecting to the Blueberry π or some fantastic dinners... but Twinkies? A "Vote Here" sign? Alphabet beads?

(Why is this today's photo search? Because +Google Photos seems to be talking about Waffles today for some reason... and I didn't have any pictures of waffles.)
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+Gerwin Sturm - Feed anything into Deep Dream... {:
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It has been my goal in life to understand stories and storytellers, to help people tell stories, to explore new ways to tell those stories, and to enjoy and appreciate the stories swirling around us.

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