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Final release of +GnuCash #Android v2.4.0 starting rollout today on the Google Play Store. For manual installs, you can also get it here:

Changes in this release include:
* Adds CSV export
* Fix scheduled transactions crash on Android 8
* Fix compatibility with Gnucash desktop (v2.7 and up) XML files
* Fix crash during QIF export due to higher fraction currencies
* Fix backups taking up too much space

Thanks to all who contributed to make this release possible.

Hey there,
There is a new release currently in beta testing, GnuCash Android v2.4.0-beta1.
Highlights include:
- Export of transactions in CSV format
- Improve GnuCash XML compatibility with GnuCash desktop 3.+
- Limit the space used by backups.
- Bug fixes and improvements

The CSV export functionality is still a work in progress and will be modified/improved in subsequent beta releases of this series.

As always, your feedback is crucial to the development of the app.
Thank you to all who participate in the beta program and help us fix bugs.


A new beta release v2.3.0-beta1 has been published to the Play store. This release contains the following changes:

* Feature #544: Use double confirmation dialog boxes before irreversible actions
* Fixed #723, #743: Split transactions saved with incorrect sign
* Fixed #686: Google Drive XML export broken
* Fixed #750: Double-minus sign in QIF export
* Fixed #709: Upgrade Dropbox SDK
* Fixed: Sometimes crash might occur because an active book is not set
* Improved #696: QIF files are now always zipped regardless of the export destination
* Improved: Remove .zip extension from backup files and XML exports
* Improved: Split handling and saving
* Update translations for several languages

Special appreciation goes to +Àlex Magaz Graça for the hard work in making this release happen. Thanks also to all contributors and translators for their patches.

Thank you to our users for the patience and for sending in all the bug reports and feedback so we can continue to improve the app.

As always, let me know what you think!


We have received reports about some bugs in the calculation of account balances in v2.2.1 which is affecting a few users.

As a precautionary measure, the rollout of this release has been halted until we have isolated, identified and fixed any potential issues.

Apologies to all who might be affected by this bug. We hope to make a fix available soon.

Thanks for the feedback!

New +GnuCash Android v2.2.1 release rolling out now!

This release contains mainly bug fixes and tons of translation updates. More details on what's included can be found here:

Much appreciation to all who contributed to this release!

+GnuCash #Android v2.2.0-beta1 has just been published to the Play Store with the following major changes:
- New "Save As" dialog for exports supporting a wide range of services
- Add support for BitCoin as a commodity
- Add feature to rename books
- Regular automatic backups (with new option to specify backup location)
- Fixed: Hourly backup schedule was not executed on time
- Multiple bug fixes and improvements

As previously announced, this release supports only devices with Android KitKat and above. There are still a few things to fine-tune before this release goes final, but we wanted to have your feedback early, especially with the new backup/export "Save As..." dialog.

Thanks to all who contributed patches and translations to make this release possible, especially +Àlex Magaz Graça. Appreciation also goes to all the beta testers out there.

We're looking forward to your feedback.

A new beta of #GnuCash #Android v2.2.0-beta1 will be released soon.
This release makes it possible to export to any file sync service which supports the Storage Access Framework on Android.

One key difference: The new scheduled export system will always overwrite the previously exported file with the new export. This way, there is just one file to look for (with the name you specify), instead of the multiple files which are created currently. However, this new export mechanism won't work if you export multi-currency transactions as QIF.
Update 24.04.2017: Your QIF exports (including multi-currency export files) will now be exported compressed as zips to the location you specify in the "Save As.." dialog

Also in this release, you can now select a backup file (where regular hourly backups) will be made. This file can be either local to your device, or any service using (SAF).

Explicit Google Drive integration has been removed. This was causing too many problems as you had no control over the location of the files on Google Drive, and also sometimes multiple duplicate folders were created on Google Drive. Now all of those problems are gone. You can specify where you want the files to be saved on Google Drive, and there they will be saved.

For those with existing scheduled exports to Google Drive, they will still work. But you should consider setting up new scheduled exports using the new "Save as.." functionality.

Looking forward to your feedback on these changes.

+GnuCash #Android v2.1.6 just released. This is a maintenance release which fixes the following issues:
* Fixed: Rotating device in transaction view causes crash
* Improved: Migrate backup/export files to new location (which does not require permisions from KitKat)
* Improved: Update translations

You could also grab the APK directly from here

Happy Easter to all!

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+GnuCash #Android v2.1.5 has just been released and will be rolling out to all users over the next few days. You can view the list of changes in this release here:

In addition, this will be the last release supporting Android Gingerbread to Jelly Bean. Starting from v2.2.0, only Android 4.4 (KitKat) and above will be supported. You can also read more about that here:

I hope you enjoy this release, and as always, look forward to your feedback!

Hello testers,
GnuCash Android v2.1.5-beta2 should be rolling out to you now.
Fixes a reported issue when working with BYN currencies.

I am especially interested how the Dropbox integration works for you.
Do you scheduled exports to Dropbox keep working seamlessly? Or do you need to re-authenticate your Dropbox account?
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