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A belated happy new year to all.
The first beta release of GnuCash Android version 2.1.4 is almost ready and will be made available during the week. This is just a patch release with the following fixes:

* Fixed: Bugs in execution of some scheduled actions (#604, #609)
* Fixed: Multi-currency transactions not exported when format is QIF (#571)
* Fixed: Incorrect date of last export shown in book manager (#615, #617)
* Fixed: Large exports may be reported as successful even if they didn't complete yet (#616)
* Fixed: Account color reset when editing an account (#620)
* Fixed: Export to OwnCloud fails if folder already exists
* Fixed: User not notified if export to external target fails

The number codes refer to GitHub issues with details on the bugs fixed. You can build the URL like this:

As usual, even though it is just a patch release, the software is still in beta, so make sure to backup your data first before installing.

A big thank you to all who participate in the beta program. We continue to count on your feedback in order to make this work!
Thanks +Àlex Magaz Graça for managing most of the work in this release!


The GnuCash Android developers are happy to announce the release of +GnuCash #Android v2.1.0. This release brings the following changes:

- Feature: Use multiple GnuCash books simultaneously
- Feature: Backup/Export to ownCloud servers
- Feature: Compact transactions list view for single-entry mode
- Improved: Redesign of passcode screen
- Improved: Scheduled transactions now have more accurate timestamps
- Improved: Generate all scheduled transactions even if a scheduled is missed (e.g. device off)
- Fixed: Accounts lists not properly refreshed after switching between recent and all

The new release is rolling out slowly over the next week. Thanks to all the beta testers for feedback which was used to improve this release. Also much appreciation goes to all the translators on CrowdIn who work on making the app accessible to a wider audience. 

Hello all,
Another beta release is on the horizon. On the 5th August 2016, the first beta release of GnuCash Android v2.1.0 will be made available to all beta testers.

As usual, in preparation of this, please make sure to back up your GnuCash data (through export as XML).

The major new feature in this release is support for working with multiple GnuCash books from within the app. This allows you to be able to switch between different databases on-the-fly.

This is a beta release, so some things may not work as expected.
We look forward to your feedback!

GnuCash Android Team

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Just open sourced a handy little #materialdesign color palette tool for Mac. Enjoy, designers and developers!


A new beta release of +GnuCash Android, v2.0.6-beta1 is available which fixes a couple of issues:

* Fixed: Saving transaction gets slower with increase in size of database
* Fixed: Imbalance amount wrongly computed in split editor (for some accounts)
* Fixed: Amount text boxes in split editor sometimes do not get focus
* Fixed: Crash when saving account with no transfer account selected
* Fixed: Crash when creating a new transaction with no transfer account
* Fixed: All transactions are always exported for some time zones
* Improved: Add translation for Japanese. Updated Italian and Russian

After the update, the next export might contain duplicate transactions (which GnuCash desktop should detect). But subsequent exports should work just fine.

Looking forward to your feedback!

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This is all still a very long way out. But just thought to share with you all what's been keeping us busy. There's more where this came from ;)
Happy new year :)

+GnuCash #Android v2.0.4 just published to the Play Store.
This is a bugfix release with the following changes:

* Fixed: Transaction export time not always working reliably
* Fixed: Renaming account causes transactions to be deleted
* Fixed: Progress dialog not displayed during initial import
* Fixed: Unable to finish first-run wizard if choosing to create accounts manually
* Fixed: Removed inapplicable options in scheduled actions context menu

Enjoy and keep the feedback coming :)

+GnuCash #Android v2.0.2-beta1 has just been released to the Play Store. It features the following changes:

* Fixed: Exporting to external service does not work in some devices
* Fixed: Bar chart does not display negative amounts
* Fixed: Crash when saving transaction with invalid amount expression
* Fixed: Crashes when importing some GnuCash XML files with select currencies
* Improved: Option to select date from which to export transactions
* Improved: Remember last export destination
* Improved: Set default commodity to the one used by imported file
* Improved: Add support for unlimited fractional digits in commodities

Looking forward to your feedback! Enjoy...
#beta   #release   #gnucash  

Just released v2.0.1 to the Play Store for all users. 
Keep the feedback rolling!

New beta v2.0.1-beta2 released to Play store which fixes following issues:
- Fix invalid QIF exported
- Add menu options for moving/duplicating transactions
- Fix account delete dialog not displaying properly
- Fix issue where editing an account from within a split sets the amount to zero
- Improve computation of account balances by using commodity fractional digits saved in the database

Please let me know if you run into any issues. Thanks
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